Advances in Computational Motor Control (ACMC) 2010


Selection and control of limb posture for stability
David Franklin, Luc Selen, Sae Franklin and Daniel Wolpert

Dynamic intelligence through online optimization
Emanuel Todorov, Yuval Tassa, Paul Kulchenko and Tom Erez

Visuo‐motor learning is guided by the Riemannian structure of the observed kinematics
Zachary Danziger and Ferdinando Mussa‐Ivaldi

The incremental adaptive effect of movement observation differs from that of action
Paul Wanda and Kurt Thoroughman

Rethinking motor adaptation and savings: Error-based learning, use-dependent plasticity and operant conditioning
Vincent Huang, Pietro Mazzoni and John Krakauer

The Relationship Between the Temporal Structure of Motor Output Variability and Motor Learning Ability
Howard Wu, Gary Sing, Logan Clark, Luis Nicolas Gonzalez Castro, Maurice Smith

Visuomotor perturbations and uncertainty about them: Generalization patterns suggest distinct representations
Hugo Fernandes, Ian Stevenson and Konrad Kording

Interval timing and its correlates in sensorimotor cortex
Mehrdad Jazayeri and Michael Shadlen

Infinite-horizon optimal control framework for goal-directed movements
Dongsung Huh, Emanuel Todorov and Terrence Sejnowski

Movement duration is selected to maximize the expected rate of reward
Adrian Haith and Reza Shadmehr

Feasibility before optimality: What complete solution sets tell us about muscle redundancy and synergies
Kutch, Valero-Cuevas

Combined intrinsic and extrinsic representation for visuomotor rotation learning
Brayanov, Smith

Movement Duration as an Emergent Property of Reward Directed Motor Control
Rigoux, Sigaud, Terekhov, Guigon

Intermittent visual feedback can boost visuomotor learning of rhythmic movements
Ikegami, Hirashima, Osu, Nozaki

Certainty of the kinematic plan influences arm stiffness during reaching
Yousif, Diedrichsen

Learning to draw after observing a teacher: iCub’s scribbles and shapes
Mohan, Zenzeri, Metta, Morasso, Sandini

Inferring Visuomotor Priors for Sensorimotor Learning
Turnham, Braun, Wolpert

Investigating the Role of Cocontraction and Movement Energetics in Voluntary Arm
Tsianos, Raphael, Loeb

Prior and Likelihood uncertainty are differentially represented in the human brain
Vilares, Fernandes, Kording

Skill learning as training-dependent changes in speed-accuracy trade-off functions
Shmuelof, Zarhan, Krakauer, Mazonni