Advances in Computational Motor Control (ACMC) 2009


Rewiring neural connectivity by micro-stimulation
James Rebesco, Sara Solla and Lee Miller

Forward models and state estimation in compensatory eye movements
Maarten Frens, Beerend Winkelman and Opher Donchin

Optimal control framework successfully explains changes in neural modulations during experiments with Brain Machine Interfaces
Miriam Zacksenhouse, Koren Beiser, Joseph O'Doherty, Mikhail Lebedev and Miguel Nicolelis
Adaptive responses in the human motor system interpret arbitrary force perturbations as state-dependent dynamics
Gary Sing, Simon Orozco and Maurice Smith

Beside the point: Motor adaptation in task-irrelevant conditions
S. Schaefer, I. Shelly and Kurt Thoroughman

The Cost of Strategic Control: Attenuation of Adaptation
Jordan Taylor, Azeen Ghorayshi and Richard Ivry
Sensory weighting of force and position feedback in human motor control tasks
Jasper Schuurmans, Winfred Mugge, Alfred Schouten and Frans van der Helm

Bayesian integration and non-linear feedback control in a full-body motor task
Ian Stevenson, Hugo Fernandes, Iris Vilares, Kunlin Wei and Konrad Körding

Adaptive force control
Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi, M. Casadio and A. Pressman
Equilibrium point hypothesis revisited: Advances in the computational framework of Passive Motion Paradigm
Vishwanathan Mohan, Pietro Morasso, Giorgio Metta and Jacopo Zenzeri

Spinal-like regulator for controlling wrist movements
Giby Raphael, George Tsianos and Gerald Loeb


This symposium is held as a satellite to the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting.  All submissions are peer-reviewed and those with the highest scores are included in the program.  The acceptance rate is below 50%.


Sponsored by the United States National Institutes of Health.