Advances in Computational Motor Control (ACMC) 2002


Modeling neural control of hindlimb movement during cat locomotion
D. Ivashko, B. Prilutsky, J. Chapin and I. Rybak

Studying octopus motor control using a computerized dynamic model
Y. Yekutieli, R. Sagiv, B. Hochner and T. Flash

A computational model of adaptation to novel stable and unstable dynamics
D. Franklin, R. Osu, E. Burdet, M. Kawato and T. Milner

Patterns in stroke patients’ submovements support adaptive forward/inverse learning model
B. Rohrer, H. Krebs, B. Volpe, W. Frontera, J. Stein and N. Hogan

This symposium is held as a satellite to the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting.  All submissions are peer-reviewed and those with the highest scores are included in the program.  The acceptance rate is below 50%.


Sponsored by the United States National Institutes of Health.