Testimonials from Shoppers

"The true meaning of Christmas has gotten lost in the packaging and the decorations that stores cram down our throats beginning in October; the pressure that our whole economy depends on how much we spend of money we don't have.  By the time Christmas actually gets here we're tired of the whole production.  BUT there is a remedy for that overwhelming, getting caught in the snowball feeling.  At the alternative Christmas market our community can experience that true meaning of Christmas.  It's about giving, not getting; it's about reaching out and helping someone else."-- Ellen Hicks, Letter to the Editor of the Tallahassee Democrat 12/08
"It's an extraordinary shopping experience!  Shopping at an Alternative Christmas Market makes you realize the level of need in our community and the world and appreciate the people who serve others with great joy.  And JOY is the attitude to have for this season of love, isn't it?"--Christie Kimbrel, Letter to the Editor, Tallahassee Democrat 12/08
"Thanks to the John Wesley Alternative Christmas Market, we are able to help more seniors in our community."-- Sharon Davidson, Elder Care Services, Inc.
"I don't know if my letter can convey how much it means to a little organization like ours to have the ability to talk with people about our mission and to receive the contributions we get each year.  We are truly greatful for your kindness, compassion, and generosity."--Sheila Meehan, Kindred Spirits Charitable Trust