How Does It Work?

Tired of the over-commercialization of Christmas?  Looking for a way to put more meaning into your family’s celebration of the season?
Join us for the Alternative Christmas Market at John Wesley United Methodist Church where you can “honor Christ’s birth by continuing His work”.
Over 30 non-profit ministries provide shopping opportunities to honor the recipients on your list by enabling the ministry to reach out in their name to our less fortunate neighbors—locally, nationally, and abroad.  A card detailing your gift is completed in our calligraphy shop for you to take home and put under the tree or mail.
In addition to “Gifts for Sharing God’s Blessings”, a third-world fair-trade craft shop carries a variety of beautiful handcrafted gift items for sale.  Many of the Market’s ministries also have tangible gifts in the shop, the sale of which helps further their work.
If you can't attend the market in person:
1.  Print the shopping list, using the link on the left and the open document button at the bottom of the page. 
2.  After learning about the agencies, complete the shopping list in full using information from the agency price lists.
3.  Total your purchases and write a check to ACMJWC (No credit cards will be accepted by mail or phone). 
4.  Mail the list and the check to: John Wesley United Methodist Church
                                                         Attention: ACM
                                                        1689 Old St. Augustine Road
                                                        Tallahassee, FL, 32301
                              Don't forget to make yourself a copy of your shopping list as your purchases are tax deductible. 
                              We will be accepting shopping lists by mail from Nov. 1 until December 9. 


Use the "Contact Us" information on this site if you have questions.  You'll be contacted by phone when the gift cards are available for pick up at the church office.

With all of this to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone on your list and it’s all in one place--1689 Old St. Augustine Rd. (just west of Blair Stone Rd.), Tallahassee FL.