SIGDAT 2016 Elections

The SIGDAT Advisory Committee and the SIGDAT members have chosen the following candidates for the open SIGDAT officer position, which is a 3 year term. The position transitions from Vice President Elect to VP to President (1 year each). The candidates are:

Vice President Elect:

  • Lluís Màrquez
  • Stefan Riezler
  • Jian Su

The candidates' biographical details and candidacy statements are below.  You are eligible to vote if you have attended the EMNLP in the past 3 years.  You should have received a PIN number in your email.  If you need help, contact the SIGDAT Secretary-Treasurer, Chris Callison-Burch.

Jian Su


Dr Jian Su is the head of Natural Language Processing Department at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) in Singapore. Dr Su’s research interests include information extraction, sentiment analysis, discourse analysis, text mining and NLP applications. She has been the Principal Investigator in multiple large scale technology deployments for Search, Dialogue, Intelligence Gathering and Standard Enforcement. She has served as General Chair of EMNLP 2016, Program Chair of EMNLP 2015 and ACL – IJCNLP 2009, ACL executive committee member (2012-2014), Action/Associate Editor/Editorial Board Member for three international journals including Transaction of ACL, General Chair of IALP 2011. 

Candidacy Statement

We have witnessed in recent years how our fields thrive at the EMNLP, one of the top tier conferences in Natural Language Processing (NLP) that is organized by SIGDAT. If I’m elected as the SIGDAT officer, I’d like to further strengthen its position in this fast changing era. 

There is an increasing demand for natural language applications in the private and public sectors. I’d like to strongly encourage more use-inspired research by initiating new platforms at EMNLPs for the engagements of the users, such as technology showcases for commercial and noncommercial/government users, recruitment lunch for startups and small / medium enterprise.

I would like to encourage further internationalization of SIGDAT and strengthen SIGDAT’s outreach program. I would suggest establishing a SIGDAT lecture program for distinguished members to visit the emerging research communities in different parts of the world. Being a member from Singapore, I am in a good position to promote participation from Asia Pacific in SIGDAT activities and to bring EMNLPs to this region more often.

Stefan Riezler


Stefan Riezler joined Heidelberg University as full professor in 2010, after spending a decade in the world’s most renowned industry research labs (Xerox PARC, Google Research). He received his PhD in Computational Linguistics from the University of Tübingen in 1998, and then conducted post-doctoral work at Brown University in 1999. His research focus is on machine learning for natural language processing problems, especially for the application areas of cross-lingual information retrieval and statistical machine translation. He is engaged in the Computational Linguistics community, e.g., as editorial board member of the main journals Computational Linguistics and Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics, as program chair for CoNLL 2016 and EACL 2014, and as area chair or reviewer for several *ACL conferences.

Candidacy Statement

As a SIGDAT officer, I would like continue to advance the current focus of SIGDAT on creating and sharing new data and promoting benchmark evaluations where these data are used to foster the state-of-the-art in NLP technology and evaluation metrics. 

Furthermore, I would like to complement this focus by promoting the methodological aspect of empirical NLP that is increasingly important in interactive experimentation and in human evaluations. This can be implemented by promoting speakers, tutorials and workshops on statistical tools for analysis, hypothesis testing, and performance assessment in NLP experiments with human subjects and noisy, real-world data.

As a second objective, I would like to discuss possible improvements to the methodology of performance assessment that is implemented in our current reviewing process. These could come from mandatory meta-reviews from area chairs, more meaningful evaluation criteria, and measures to facilitate comparability of reviews. 

Lluís Màrquez


Lluís Màrquez is a Principal Scientist at the Arabic Language Technologies group from the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) since 2013. Previously, he was Associate Professor at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC, 2000-2013). He holds an award-winning PhD. in Computer Science from UPC (1999). His research focuses on natural language understanding by using statistical machine learning models. A substantial part of his research has addressed natural language structure prediction problems, such as syntactic and semantic parsing. Regarding applications, Dr. Màrquez works on statistical machine translation and its evaluation, question answering in community forums, and information veracity. He has 140+ papers in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning journals and conferences. He has been General and Program Co-chair of major conferences in the area (EMNLP, EACL, CoNLL, *SEM, EAMT, etc.), and held several organizational roles in ACL and EMNLP too. He was co-organizer of various international evaluation tasks at Senseval/SemEval (2004, 2007, 2010, 2015-2017) and CoNLL shared tasks (2004-2005, 2008-2009). Secretary and President of the ACL SIG on Natural Language Learning (SIGNLL) in the period 2007-2011, he currently serves as President of the European Chapter of the ACL (EACL; 2015 2016). Luís Màrquez has been on the editorial boards of Computational Linguistics and JAIR and acted as Guest Editor of special issues at Computational Linguistics, LRE, JNLE, and JAIR in the period (2007-2015). He has participated in 18 national and EU research projects, acting as the principal site researcher in 10 of them.

Candidacy Statement

SIGDAT is one of the oldest ACL's SIGs and also the biggest, which always had a clear statement and mission. If I am elected Vice President-Elect, I will put all my experience and energy at the service of SIGDAT, to keep having a unique and dynamic SIG, with the best possible EMNLP conference, and holding synergetic relations with ACL, the other SIGs, and any other related research community.  I have experience on all these fronts, which puts me in a privileged position for running the vice-president elect position at SIGDAT. First, I know SIGDAT and EMNLP from the inside, as I have been in the SIGDAT organizing committee since 2010; I also was Program Co-chair of EMNLP in 2010 (Cambridge) and General Chair in 2015 (Lisbon).  Second, I have also experience with other related SIGs (I was Secretary and President of SIGNLL 2007-2011). Finally,  I am now finalizing my service as Chair of the European Chapter of the ACL (EACL), which made me a member ex-officio of the ACL executive committee (in 2015 and 2016).