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The American Christian Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan wants you! 
We are a very active and ever growing order of the Ku Klux Klan. The American Christian Dixie Knights was made up from 2 separate groups, the Midwest Dixie Knights in Missouri and American Christian Knights of Mississippi. Both groups had been around for years and with combined efforts and mutual respect we decided the merge was a must. So on Klan Hill in Mississippi the marriage was compete and have been ACDK ever since. We have recently combined and absorbed the remaining members of the Mid West Dixie Knights and the White Knights of the Wasatch Front making 1 extremely large, well organized and far reaching Klan. With this union the American Christian Dixie Knights has active realms in the Midwest and most of the Dixie states. We are based out of East Tennessee but have many great people all over the Eastern United States and some in the West. We absorbed the White Knights of the Wasatch Front. After careful consideration we realized there is no reason for 3 groups, fighting for the same cause with the same goals, but functioning separately.

The American Christian Dixie Knights is a traditional order that follows the ways of old and the original Ku Klux Klan. We practice old Kraft that most groups don't even know because so much of the old ways have been lost over the years and decades . We stand behind our convictions and promote God, Race, Nation and Family. We love America the way it used to be and believe in protecting the Constitution the way it was originally written. We are proud white Christian Patriots that work tirelessly for white rights and the advancement of our beautiful race. We want to ensure a future for our white families while living through God.


America is in distress, And needs you! The American Christian Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are a noble order of the Invisible Empire. We are United with many other TRUE KLANS, and belive in in the advancement of the white race working arm and arm with our brothers and sisters.

We believe in restoring American culture and the Constitution that our forefathers worked so diligently to build. This country was built on hard work and Christianity. We believe in the Constitution the way it was originally written. We believe in fighting for our rights that are quickly being stripped from us on a regular basis due to the anti-American Muslim terrorist that used to be in the presidential office, and the Jew controlled media that loves to stir the cultural pot making America a cess pool.

America needs help! Right now this country is turning anti-American right under your noses. Our children are no longer allowed to say Merry Christmas, recite the pledge of allegiance in school or have opening prayer because it may offend someone. Our military is no longer allowed to openly practice Christianity punishable by law. This is unacceptable and the people need a voice. 

It is not illegal to be white, yet. However if you are proud of your heritage and not ashamed of being white, you are a biggot!  The homosexuals can demonstrate and that's OK with society. If the blacks say they are black and proud and work as a network, they are considered brave and are backed by cowards such as the NAACP, ADL, SPLC and countless others to make sure they get  their way. The Mexicans have la razza and we are under full attack from the Muslims invading and trying to take over our country. We now have sanctuary states for illegal aliens. All of this is a product of Cultural Marxism thanks to thr Jews that own almost all media outlets to abolish the white race. (Which is their ultimate goal). 

It is now more socially acceptable to mix races and taint the blood line of the Caucasian than it is to preserve them.

Blacks make up a mere 17.5% of the American population and yet contribute to 87.2% of all violent crime. These are not made up numbers., these are solid statistics. Black on white violent crimes have skyrocketed, and these are not viewed as hate crimes as long as they are against white people. 

 Racism is alive and well, and completely acceptable as long as it is not a Caucasian doing it. There is Ms black America, all black collages, black scholarships, black TV channels and TV shows. All black magazines etc. TV shows where they go out of their way to make fun of white people and nobody bat's an eye. If the shoe was on the other foot and whites tried to have ANYTHING just for white people, there would be riots and civil war. This is unacceptable. 

These are just a few examples of the crumbling of America and the disintegration of the white race as we know it.

Good news though! The Ku Klux Klan is growing rapidly and fighting back. The Invisible Empire was founded Christmas eve of1865 and throughout time has proven time and time again to resurface in America's time of need and set things straight. At one point in history the Klan was over 1.5 million strong and some say as many as 4 million. Well the time of need is here again. There are Klans starting to surface and resurface, and we are all growing strong once again.

We at the American Christian Dixie Knights Ku Klux Klan are proud to be recruiting heavily and growing rapidly alongside our brothers and sisters in the Midwest and the South. We are not an open membership organization though. We we are ONLY looking for people that are at least 18 years of age. People of pure white lineage, that believe in the Constitution and belive in the True American Christian country that we fight for every day.

We WILL NOT take any jews, homosexuals, anti-christian, anti white. 

If you believe in the restoration of America and fighting the oppression we face every day as the chosen race. If you are of pure white native born blood. We want to talk to you!

We are very selective of who we grant membership to because we want quality not quantity. We receive several applications per week and only a select few are chosen.

If you feel you have what it takes and are tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting to become another statistic. Please get in touch.

For information and questions please email directly @ Acdk1865@gmail.com  

" In the sacred unfailing bond" and Yahweh bless, 
Imperial Wizard, JASON O'HARA  K-QUAD (KMM) -