Acid Rain Videos & Podcasts

Recommended Acid Rain Podcast from iTunes:

McWane Science Center presents 2 great video resources on acid rain and water pollution.  Two experiments are shown and demonstrates that pollution of this kind is not just a local issue but a global issue and causes great devastation to the environment.  Experiments that can done anywhere at home or in a lab setting.  This one is a must see.  Great example for classroom experiments or science fair projects.  Recently released 12/28/2010.

Water Drops: Science & Hydrology
Peter Black - 108 episodes in a 5-set series, each Podcast is a quick 90 second video.  Tons of information about water and the first episode is specifically about acid rain.

Our Changing Planet is an excellent podcast based on a public TV series about climate and environmental changes with episode 27 specifically pertaining to acid rain.

Science Elements by American Chemical Society features an acid rain episode (episode #129) regarding China and how it can control the spread of acid rain the country.

Recommended Acid Rain Videos from YouTube

Acid Rain Video

Detecting Acid Rain

Acid Rain Experiment

Acid Precipitation Video

Britannica Acid Rain Video

Basic Information About Acid Rain