IN 2011 Something witchy stirred in the shadows , right out of the restricting clutches of drug addiction , homelessness ,  and psychological dis-functions ACID FAIRY was created . Front Man ACID produced harsh industrial noize since the age of 14 after he found that band mates he had tried to make music with weren't entirely committed nor saw the vision as he did and sought to take his music into his own hands even through out foster care . Previous names for his prior projects were CYBERHEX-69- , BIOACID, FILTHY ACID, and NOIZE CRAFT TWINS(Soon to revamp) .His First instruments where a guitar and an aluminum trash can . Noize was produced from this and was the basis of his first creations along with a punk rock approach , terrorized with growls and screams . ,

     By 2011 ACID found himself fresh past his demons bored and angry with society , right off the streets after loosing faith in everything he believed in and stood for, he felt as all the years flew by, he found himself stuck in one of the most important decisions of his life ,should he give up on his never ending dream of Sculpting sounds and expressing his anguish . Or to live as if nothing ever happened  , while his demons caught up with him eventually to destroy him from the inside . HE chose to go on as  if tomorrow shall never come and music is the only thing that'll save you , because in the long run it did . Despite all the things he lost , and all the hurt ,his music, and desire to make music drove him to  created what We have today called . ACIDFAIRY . Originally the band was called  ACID FAIRY .Then soon changed to ACIDFAIRY for one word  not to confuse this project with other projects using the same name .

    ON FROM 2011 ACID FAIRY Released 2 demo EPS ,2 Last Official EPs (TV.GIRL 2013 and LINEAR CRUSH 2014) and 1 Demo Album under the net label MEAT CIRCUS RECORDS . These Creations First Started out from a darkwave approach and towards the end of the last two official Releases  leaning more towards an Industrial Metal Sound . After these releases Acid Fairy went a bit silent for a while up until  2015.

       2015 was an amazing Year because ACIDFAIRY played at InsTED Fest  and Released a beautiful Mini Album(HEAVEN OUTSIDE THE EYE) and Full Lenth Album (WRECKHEX)."Heaven Outside the Eye" was released May 1 2015 .  "WRECKHEX" Was Released Aug 9 2015 With 9 tracks  then re-released Halloween (10/31/15)  with 11 tracks featuring  the track "Break Me (TWO-FACED PRINCESS Cover)" re-recorded  from  the  [LINEAR CRUSH]EP.

    Immediately after ,ACIDFAIRY started Recording the next full-length album  which resulted in two mini albums [M▲LK▼TH]2016  and [H▲LOS]2016 .  ACIDFAIRY  claims more  new mini albums are on the way and the possible new full-length album is expected Early 2017. IT will be a self titled album. Featuring All Styles of His work .

    During the production of [M▲LK▼TH]  and [H▲LOS] ACID returned to his roots  with out any fear or judgement and blended the music into a Subtle Darker Mature Format  Sounding Fuller  , Harsher . Dancable , Moshable , Audible and  Fuckible.........