Member Of HHBE
Member Of HHBE
I welcome the Meekpro a start in a new series of celebrating great music talent and sound. This is a kick ass amped up saturated channel made for flavor and roar.

  Download Meekpro vst for free
link at bottom of this page

I'm glad to announce the release of the A43 sweet girl vsti
an oldie but goodie that never was released from back in the day. Read note file , Enjoy.
Download vsti in rar file from 

 For newbies please unrar/unzip file to your vst plugin folder.

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              FOR FREE 
All Plug ins are freeware/Shareware., use at your own risk, not responsible for equipment damage or any other damages. Use all electronic equipment wisely.
The download will be updated shortly some variant plug in are not in the rar file package. 

 "The Marcus Johnson Collection"


MeekPro Vst.rar
Aciacide Recordings,
Sep 13, 2014, 2:48 PM