ACI@BHCI is a workshop preceding British HCI 2015 in Lincoln, UK on 13th July 2015.

Increasingly, we see technology being developed for use with animals. Such technology may be intended to monitor individual or groups of animals, facilitate communication and relationships between the animal and humans, or allow working animals to better accomplish tasks. This workshop seeks to explore our responsibilities as HCI designers to understand the unique requirements for this technology, and to provide a platform for the emerging animal-computer interaction (ACI) community, drawn from the UK and beyond, to investigate this digital design space. 

At the workshop, participants will conduct design challenges inspired by emergent HCI methods including design fiction, and speculative and adversarial design, during which we will seek to develop interfaces that can be provocative, thought-provoking, futuristic or even deliberately outlandish (such as the "bad designs" that emerge from hacks such as this). These designs will provide the platform to discuss different dimensions of how design can succeed or fail, and for whom (animal vs human). For example, might animal behaviourists, veterinarians, and other animal experts think a design is not successful for animal users, whilst user interaction principals would deem it a "success"?