The Why

Today, according to a survey by Families and Work Institute:

30% of employees often or very often feel burned out or stressed by their jobs;

27% feel emotionally drained from their work;

42% feel used up at the end of the work day, going home with no energy for family activities.

The How

We all have hobbies, passions, wishes for a better version of us. More family time, more sports, more music or maybe more giving back to others.

We invited 4 speakers to share their stories on how they found that balance we aim for.  Our guests come from different places and experiences, but they have one thing in common - at some point in their life, they made the change that led them to a happier, better life.

To hear more about it - join friends and colleagues in the IT industry @ Balance IT, Timisoara.

Where & when?

Saturday, June 28th at 10:00 AM
Swiss House, No. 1-3 Vasile Parvan BL., Timisoara

We'll have coffee ready to get us started!

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