Handbells Ringing to Enrich Our Community

Thanks for coming to our May 3 concert at St. Stephen Martyr Lutheran Church...what a fun night!

Interested in auditioning for Harmony Ringers? Contact us.
About Harmony Ringers

Harmony Ringers was formed in the summer of 2011 in Canton, Ohio after the folding of another area premiere handbell choir.  The Director, Christine Allison, felt the need for those who were ringing, now without a more advanced choir, to still have a place to showcase their talents.  Thus the birth of Harmony Ringers, under the umbrella of A Chorus for a Cause. Watch us grow...watch us become Stark County's next Raleigh Ringers! (www.rr.org) 

What to look forward to:
  • December 6, 2014 - Christmas Concert, St. Jacob Lutheran on Mudbrook
  • December 7 - before Canton symphony Christmas Concert at McKinley
  • May 2, 2015 - Spring concert (venue TBA)

Auditions are held each summer to find the most qualified, committed handbell ringers for the upcoming year. If you think you may be interested in auditioning for Harmony Ringers,  please contact Christine Allison at acfac1@gmail.com. 

The audition process is based on six areas:

  • Handbell Notation Familiarity:The ringer is asked to demonstrate different techniques and other notations.
  • Rhythm Exercises: The ringer demonstrates his or her ability to handle challenging rhythms.
  • Multiple Bell/Switching Exercises:Demonstrates how the ringer handles quick and frequent changes in accidentals.
  • Sight-Reading Pieces: sight-reading of four to five pieces.
  • Form: Ringing motion and use of techniques.
  • Commitment:Interview with the director to discuss general commitment expectations, specific requirements for the upcoming year and other outside group involvement.

Auditions are conducted by the director. For information on auditioning, please email Director Christine Allison, acfac1@gmail.com

A Brief History of Handbells

Handbells were invented in 17th century England when neighbors of bell towers tired of listening to long change-ringing rehearsals. Handbells permitted the rehearsals to take place in the spirited warmth of pubs. Handbells were first brought to the United States around 1840. They were popularized by P.T. Barnum as a circus attraction. After this, handbell teams went into the Vaudeville circuit.

In the 1940's people began ringing handbells in American churches. Handbells were first manufactured in the United States in the 1960's. Today there are over 10,000 handbell choirs in North America. Approximately 1% of these are community groups such as Harmony Ringers of A Chorus for a Cause. The rest are affiliated with churches and schools.

A Chorus for a Cause: Who We Are

We are a group of men and women from all over Northeast Ohio, under the leadership of Christine D. Allison, who have joined forces to make a difference through song.  Our first project, in September 2009, raised over $12,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.  More than 100 singers participated and over 1,200 were in attendance. To keep with our mission, we continue reaching out to the community as we make beautiful music together.  With each concert we donate to a designated "cause".  Be part of the excitement as we continue our work with our Children and Youth Choirs, and Harmony Ringers!

Hear some music from our Spring Concert, May 4, 2013

Adele: "Rolling in the Deep"

Sousa's Washington Post

"Rhythmic Rip" bell answer to STOMP

"Just a Closer Walk"

   Enjoy two of our pieces from our Dec. 1, 2012 concert:

The First Noel by Harmony Ringers


Gloria Hodie by Harmony Ringers



Looking for entertainment?  We are available to perform for corporate or community gatherings, and weddings, etc.  Contact us