WiserAnalyzer a distributed passive monitoring and analysis tool
Abstract: Due to low hardware costs, availability of unlicensed spectrums and support of mobility, WLANs have been widely adopted in  home, enterprise, hospital, and campus environments. These networks are used for various purposes including VOIP, data services and inventory management. The QoS in WLANs may be degraded due to a number of reasons such as environment changes, hidden terminals, and asymmetric relationships between wireless nodes and/or malicious usage. These problems are exacerbated by the fact that some chipset vendors do not fully comply with the IEEE 802.11 specifications, and give unfair access opportunities to their wireless devices. This paper introduces WiserAnalyzer, a passive monitoring tool to analyze WLANs for inference of nodal relationships, detection of malicious usage or incompliance to the IEEE 802.11 specification. We also present analysis of user activities based on traces collected from the University of Houston campus WLAN.

Programming Language Used:
1)    C++/Python/Perl

Platforms Supported
1)    Debian, Ubuntu and openWRT (Embeded System)

Architecture Supported
1)    32 and 64 bit both

The whole system can be divided into 5 main parts listed below:-
Sub-System of the System:
1)    Sniffer
2)    Trace Synchronization
3)    Merging
4)    Analysis
5)    Inference

Every subsystem is designed in such a manner that it can be used independently, as a library or with our integrated system. For e.g. you can use Sniffer sub-system to collect traces independently, include Sniffer library and start using in your program or use it with our complete integrated system.