Arun Chhetri

My name is Arun Chhetri and I am a grad student in Wiser Group (Wireless system research group) at University of Houston, TX. During the past years we developed WiserAnalyzer a layer 2 802.11 packet capturing and analysis tool. This tool can be used by wireless system administrator or engineers to find different faults in 802.11 networks as well as fine tune the network to increase performance. Other than that I am also responsible for administrating Linux web & computationl servers and also maintaining a mesh-bed containing 15 embedded wireless nodes as well as developing and porting C/C++ based software on those nodes.

Other than wireless networking, I am also interested in Object Oriented Design, Sotware Development, Web Development, Mobile and Distributed Computing. 

Previously, I was working at VNET where I was working as a software developer in a 8 member team to design and develop a content management system for educational Institutes. During my tenure at VNET I designed and developed a web app  of VNET for Mobile Devices such as iPhone, Blackberry etc. To imporve the calendaring system for VNET clients, I developed a CalDav client web service using python & twisted python framework. CalDav is a calendaring extension of WebDav (http based protocol for data manuplation) which exchange data with remote server in iCalendar format (RFC 4791). I also developed VStore, an e-commerce based website for educational product and integrated it with google checkout.