Welcome to my website!

      I have 14+ years of experience doing modeling, texturing, animation, and visual effects for television,  films and presentations. I am responsible for creating environments, models, textures, and realistic particle animation. Models include all necessary assets for military, air defense, medical, bio-genetic, and computer industry. Visual effects include fire, smoke, explosions, dust, snow, clouds, etc. I create Hi and Low poly models with textures for interactive real time applications for presentations and exhibitions. I create stereoscopic video for some projects. I also work on VFX projects as a freelancer. 

      During my work at Inhance Digital I worked on projects for Boeing, Textron, Raytheon, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky, Intel, Cisco, Amgen, Biogen, Seattle Genetics, Sanofi, Baxter, Merial, UTC, Veeco, NASA, Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Discovery Channel, Motorola, and others.

You can read my Linkedin profile or download my resume to get more information about me and what I do.