All the E-Resources under Consortia can be accessed 24x7 by the authorized user of the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).


Acharya Institute’s Learning Resource Center provides access to the following databases. The usages of these databases are governed by the license agreements with the respective publishers. Kindly note, systematic downloading of a significant amount of data leads to infringement of license agreement and may result in a temporary access blockade.

VTU Consortium (Engineering Sciences)

VTU Consortium provides access to many e-Resources packages from Publisher's Website. Elsevier Science Direct (E-Journals & E-Books), Springer Nature (E-Journals & E-Books), Taylor & Francis (E-Journals & E-Books), Institute of Civil Engineers (E-Journals & Conference Proceedings), Emerald (E-Journals), McGraw Hill Education (E-Books), New Age Publishers (E-Books), Pact (E-Books), Knimbus Digital Library (Search Platform, App & Remote Access), NetAnalytiks (Writing Tool) and Turnitin (Similarity Check). Click Here

N-LIST Consortium (Social Sciences)

All Electronic Resources subscribed under N-LIST programme are available from the Publisher's Website.  American Institute of Physics (18 e-journals), American Physical Society (10 e-journals), Annual Reviews (33 e-journals), Cambridge University Press (224 e-journals), H.W.Wilson (1750 e-journals), (150 e-journals), Institute of Physics (49 e-journals), Oxford University Press (206 e-journals) and Royal Society of Chemistry (29 e-journals). Oxford Scholarship (1402 e-books), Net Library (936 e-books), My Library - McGraw-Hill (1124 e-books) and E-brary (125000 e-books), Cambridge Books Online (1800 e-books), World e-books Library (3000000) and Springer (2300 e-books). MathSciNet Bibliographical Database (70000 direct links to original articles). For access, these e-resources Click Here

HELINET Consortium (Health Sciences)

HELINET Consortium provides access to about 600+ core international e-journals, 2000+ e-books, 1500+ videos and databases in the field of Health Sciences. The users can access/download important reading material directly from HELINET Consortium. For access, these e-resources Click Here

Manupatra (Law Database)

Manupatra, a pioneer in online legal research in India since 2001,  is India’s premier legal information resource. It is the largest content aggregator of Indian and International material, linking primary information, secondary material, and proprietary analytical content. The Company started operations in the year 2000 and launched its flagship product, the online database in August 2001. Today, it has delivery capabilities in Online, Print and Mobile media. Click Here

DELNET (Developing Library Network)

DELNET has been established with the prime objective of promoting resource sharing among the libraries through the development of a network of libraries. It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information besides offering computerised services to users, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and also to reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible. Click Here