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Subscribed E-Resources

All the E-Resources under Consortia can be accessed 24x7 by the authorized user of Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

VTU Consortium (Engineering Sciences)

VTU Consortium provides access to many e-Resources packages from Publisher's Website. IEEE-IEL Online (331 e-journals, 6514 Conference Proceedings & 3043 Standards), Springer (667 e-journals),  Taylor & Francis (239 e-journals) ASME (31 e-journals), ASCE (37 e-journals), Proquest Technology & Management (5172 e-journals), Knimbus (10000+ e-journals), Kopykitab E-Books/Test Preparation platform(GATE & etc.,) and Sententia- An Assistive Tool for Formal Writing (NetAnalytiks). For access, these e-resources Click Here

N-LIST Consortium (Social Sciences)

All Electronic Resources subscribed under N-LIST programme are available from the Publisher's Website.  American Institute of Physics (18 e-journals), American Physical Society (10 e-journals), Annual Reviews (33 e-journals), Cambridge University Press (224 e-journals), H.W.Wilson (1750 e-journals), Indianjournals.com (150 e-journals), Institute of Physics (49 e-journals), Oxford University Press (206 e-journals) and Royal Society of Chemistry (29 e-journals). Oxford Scholarship (1402 e-books), Net Library (936 e-books), My Library - McGraw-Hill (1124 e-books) and E-brary (125000 e-books), Cambridge Books Online (1800 e-books), World e-books Library (3000000) and Springer (2300 e-books). MathSciNet Bibliographical Database (70000 direct links to original articles). For access, these e-resources Click Here

HELINET Consortium (Health Sciences)

HELINET Consortium provides access to about 600+ core international e-journals, 2000+ e-books, 1500+ videos and databases in the field of Health Sciences. The users can access/download important reading material directly from HELINET Consortium. For access, these e-resources Click Here

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