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Hot Spring research, plant palaeoecophysiology and taphonomy in sinter & geothermal wetland environments

Links to free downloads of my research papers

Channing 2003 Palaeoecophysiology of the Rhynie Chert plants

Channing, Edwards & Sturtevant 2004 Sedimentation in geothermal wetlands

Channing & Edwards 2004 Silicification of plants in hot springs

Channing, Schweitzer, Horner & McEneaney 2005 Preservation of vertebrates in hot springs

Channing, Zamuner & Zúñiga (2007) Fossiliferous hot spring cherts from the Jurassic of Patagonia Geol Mag

Channing & Butler (2007) Formation of cryogenic silica sediments during Yellowstone winters EPSL


Upcoming research papers

Channing & Edwards (In prep) Hydrochemistry & plant ecophysiology in geothermal wetlands. Trans. R. Soc. Edinb

Channing & Wujek (In prep) Heliozoans

in extremis? – heliozoan ecology of hot spring environments.

Guido, Channing & Zamuner (In prep) Geology and palaeontology of Jurassic hot spring deposits, Patagonia. Geol Mag


Selected Conference Abstracts/Posters

Channing & Edwards 2006 Ecophysiology of the Rhynie plants. 7th European Palaeobotany-Palynology Conference

Channing & Edwards 2006 Ecophysiology of the Rhynie plants. 2nd International Palaeontological Congress.

Channing & Zamuner 2006 Palaeobotany and taphonomy of Jurassic hot spring sinters, Southern Patagonia,Argentina. XIII Simposio Argentino de Paleobotánica y Palinología.

Channing 2003 The Rhynie Chert early land plants: palaeo-ecophysiological and taphonomic analogues.

Geological Society FERMOR Flagship Meeting.

Channing & Edwards 2003 Experimental taphonomy: Silicification of plants in Yellowstone hot spring environments. The Rhynie hot spring system: Geology, Biota & Mineralisation

Channing & Sturtevant 2003 A geothermal wetland dominated by unconsolidated chemically precipitated silica

sediment: A window on silica deposition in Palaeozoic geothermal environments? The Rhynie hot spring system: Geology, Biota & Mineralisation

Channing 1999 Silica fabric development during hot spring permineralisation European Plant Taphonomy Meeting

Anderson, Channing, Trewin & Sturtevant, 1999 Meet Medusa: silicification of arthropods in a modern-day,terrestrial, hot spring system Palaeontological Association 43rd Annual Meeting.

Channing 1999 Actualistic Taphonomy: Medusa turns Eleocharis to stone Palaeontological Association 43rd Annual Meeting.