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1st edition of this series focuses on authentic information about 'Adaptation' as a viable approach for each species in Harmony with the natural order of long term climate change. 

Following the adventures of Five Young wild animals, who are on a personal quest to help their families and community. Hope you Enjoy this series as it develops!

This series is focused on a cross generational and multi-cultural approach which emphasizes cooperation and harmony among diverse species as an example for humanity to follow.

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A Change is Coming

How We Must Adapt Together

PM Thomas

Copyright 2013

A Cross Cultural and Cross Generational Series of Stories in 70 Language Editions.

The story line so far (as of 19 Apr 2015) ...

Climate change is happening around us, and as usual, the world's animals adapt to that change. 

These stories are about Five species which are threatened:

  • The Ice Bear (Nanuuq)
  • An Emperor Penguin (Penguina) 
  • A Bengal Tiger (Benjjii) 
  • An European Stork (Storklee) 
  • A Vicuna from the Andes (Andi)
Each story will follow them as they embark on a personal journey to find another safe place on Mother Earth to live and play. And maybe we as humans can learn something from these wistful stories of cooperation and harmony.

This Project is a working example of Plan P Philanthropreneuring a new Business Model for the 21st Century

Every once in a great while, successful life-changing opportunity to help our world with the skills we have been given, and the lucky person recognizes this challenge. This is the type of 'call' to be part of the visionary team to create a series of books and audiobooks of Children's Story about the innocence of young wild animals as they deal with "The Change" which has an impact on their lives.

The stories will be in the form of stories with international languages ​​representing the threatened and endangered species (See http://bit.ly/List2014 for latest information). Hopefully you have caught the vision and will become a Member of Our Global Support Community .

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