About Miriam


      Be Kind To Yourself : You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are!


    Ever since she was a little girl, she knew she was meant to help people in some way. Miriam believes in the love of the Angels on earth.  At the age of two, her grandfather taught her how to pray. She continues praying to the angels and especially to the Archangels Michael, Rafael and Virgin Mary. Miriam also feels a strong spiritual connection to ancient beliefs and practices, such as those found in the Mayan civilizations and in Asian civilizations. She believes that a closeness to and appreciation of nature is the foundation for spirituality.


        Miriam Huizenga has spent the last 20 years serving and mentoring students as a Spanish language instructor in California.  She is very happily married to her husband Bob, and together they have a child of a sort-- their chocolate Labrador whose name appropriately, Chocolate. 


       Miriam loves nature and children, and she believes that students with special needs have many wonderful things to teach us all. These students have inspired her to start a new school specifically aimed at learning from and teaching special students, especially those with Autism and similar special needs. She seeks to engage teachers through a broader look at education, that moves away from Standards-based education, and strives to nurture the unique intelligence housed within each student. 


       Miriam has two bachelor’s degrees: one in Spanish literature and the second in Human Resources and a master’s degree in Education. In her free time, Miriam practices meditation in her garden and  yoga.


         Miriam has always admired Mother Teresa, who said that we should never despise anyone, as "we are all children of God." Miriam believes that, regardless of an individual's religion, faith in our children and in their purpose (beyond what we may be able to see with our eyes) is vital in order to create a positive change in the lives of everyone around us and in the world. Building bridges for our children” will benefit the humanity as a whole.