About Me

I have had a slightly strange life trajectory. Starting with deep interest in fundamental physics and the laws governing our universe, I completed my bachelors from Chennai Mathematical Institute, renowned for its undergraduate program in Mathematical Sciences. My wanderlust took me to Paris, where I joined Ecole Polytechnique, the best engineering school of France, to broaden my horizons. I specialized in the Economics of Innovation, obtaining my Masters in Network industries and Digital Economy. However, to really reach the frontier of innovation and research, I decided to pursue a PhD in Applied Mathematics. My research led me to contribute in some of the most important current technological challenges like 5G communications, and Smart Grids. While I have cris-crossed my way through various domains, I have always maintained a high level of excellence in all my endeavors. My international cultural experiences as well as varied pursuits and interests help me see problems through a unique prism. 

Research Interests

Information Theory
Control Theory
Game Theory
Coding Schemes for Wireless Communications
Social Networks

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