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Quest guides for the clueless adventurer. 


Our aim here is to provide the most complete, accurate Achaea quest guides for every last quest in Achaea.


Glomshaul - Azdun - Easy - 30 seconds

Great Mushrooms - Great Rock - 30 seconds

Great Eggs - Great Rock - 60 seconds

Bopalopia Song - Bopalopia - 1 hours

Hickory Roots - Manara - 30 seconds

quest-lostlocket - Tasur'Ke - 2 miunutes

About Our Quest Guides
The world of Achaea is a grand, expansive place. This means there are literally thousands of rooms to explore, and plenty of things to do. Unfortunately, because this is a text game, figuring out exactly what to do next can be quite the challenge. Often times clues and hints are in impossible to figure out locations, until after you've gotten there. So we have provided these quest guides to help you out when you get stuck! We recommend you TRY to do the quest without help first, then consult these guides only when desperately stuck.

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