Quest Guide - Bopalopia Song


Bringing Song Back To Bopalopia

Start Location: Bopalopia


To complete this quest, you will need to find three parts to a catapult, free a princess, then take her back to kill the evil witch.

Note: Many of these directions will be given from the room called "Bopalopia Crossroads" which is essentially the middle of Bopalopia. 

Begin by going to the Cows. NW NW NW NE NE. Is the first. Then go NW N from the first to find the second. The third is S SW NW from the second.

You will need to GREET COW to get a random math question. Example: "If 20 nuts were saved for winter storage, and 4 squirrels had to share, how many nuts would that be." You then have about 5 seconds to SAY 5. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.

Answer the cows' questions until you get about 5 tokens, and a bellows.

Now from the crossroads go NE NE N N E N N D to the candy machine. Put token in machine... wait a while for some noise, then TAKE CANDY FROM MACHINE. Do this will all 5 tokens. (Please do not eat the candy.)

Now go to the mushroom men, in the area starting SW SE SW SE SW. Give the candy to them, and get the spores they drop.

Now quickly find the hookah that is running around, it can be nearly anywhere in Bopalopia. Beware, you will need herbs, because the hookah inflicts afflictions randomly, just because of its nature. (It can paralyze, make you stupid, et cetera).

Now lead the hookah XXX to RammaLamma, and TAKE MUSHROOM at the end.

Next, search Bopolopia for a CRANK, LUMBER, and a WHEEL. The Crank and lumber is often just slightly e of the crossroads, and the wheel is often on the river. Give these three items to the beaver SW SE SW SE W. He will give you a spring for your help.

Now take the mushroom to the Frog, SE SE E E E SE NE E SE S W S. Give mushroom to frog. Soon you will find a box, which you will take. You now have a BOX, SPRING, and BELLOWS.

Now, go N of the crossroads and buy at least 2 steaks. Go NE SE E E E SE E N NE N. Give steak to piggly. Now lead him S SW S W NW S SW NW NW NW NE N N W S U N N E. He will free the princess. If he doesn't, give him the second steak.

Now you have freed the princess, give her the bellows, spring, and box. She will make her thing, then follow you. Go W, S, S, D N E N.

Congratulations!!! Quest complete.


The honors line "He/She succeeded in bringing song back to Bopalopia."

Some gold acquired during the quest.

Some experience.

Note - To leave, find a ticklish cat. Tickle it, and get its hat. Wear it and say "There's no place like achaea."