House Scrolls

Scrolls of the Achaean Moogle House. 


In my reflective studies of the realms, my heart strained out to the stars to find the myriad truths laden mysteriously within the enigma. I yearned for knowledge, an impenetrable weapon to use against the forces of evil. With my skills, I conjured together the mystical elements of the world into a strange and unique form… something magical. With my mastery, I melded the element of earth into paper form. I then added the element of Water to command the paper, mold it, and shift it as I wanted. I found that I could write on the paper, and with the elementals power move the writing, change the writing, even completely erase it and then have it come back with but a little work. I essentially had myself a piece of parchment that could be written on forever. Anything written on it in the past would reappear as needed without even any thought. 

And so, I decided to use my new tool to benefit the world. Commanding the power of air and fire, I fashioned a unique instrument to write on the paper, which I called a Zugg. As I moved through the land, my Zugg would record my journey, while simultaneously map the world for me, without my intervention. I simply needed to explore, and the world would soon be at my fingertips on paper.

As the world grew, and my knowledge progressed, my heart rang out to my ears. I knew that the true path of unselfishness, that which my conscious dictates, would be to share my knowledge and insight with others. And so, by the power of my mighty instruments, the Achaea Moogle House was formed. 

-Lord of the Secret Pen

Penned by my hand on this 15th of June, 2007.