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140821 - Data Download Day

A "Data Download Day" - the goal is to get to all of the pluviometros (rain and temperature gauges) that are distributed along Volcan Cacao from 1500m to 600m.  Downloading the last 6 months of data and also taking measurements of soil variables.  A great day - that was initially characterised by some challenging weather.

Not an easy day for computer field work!

The rain came in and stayed in.  Wind, rain and condensing clouds - great computer time!
140821 - Data Download day - Parqueo

However, getting the tarp up at the two highest sites allowed the data to be captured successfully.  RELIEF!
140821 - Data Download day - La Cima 1500m

140821 - Data Download day - Derrumbe

The soil measurements went well too - we'll have to see what these show in the next few days!

140821 - Data Download day - soil readings

A great site on the way down to Gongorra's site - a bridge of army ants (Nomamyrmex) across a rain-filled trench.

Army ant bridge

140821 - Data Download day - Gongorra Labidus bridge

On the way down at the end of the day, while driving downhill from Quebrada Grande, there were a couple of trucks coming up hill carrying the enormous parts associated with new wind-energy project. HUGE materials.  This truck and it's load were being towed by another, larger truck up the hill.  These are going to be some enormous wind mills!
140821 - below Quebrada Grande - new wind generator pieces