EMG - Mouse Controller

The EMG controller was developed In conjunction with the One-Click Mouse project in 2011.  It uses electromyography (EMG)  principles to convert the small voltage generated during muscle activity into the TTL (transistor-transistor logic) pulse required to trigger the One-Click Mouse. This meant that the One-Click Mouse, and therefore a host computer, could be controlled by an action as simple as blinking.

Circuit Design

As with the One-Click Mouse, the design focused on a minimal parts count, low cost, maximum usability approach.  As electrodes would be making direct electrical contact with the user, prudent measure were undertaken in the design to electrically isolate the user from the One-Click Mouse and the host computer.  As the level of voltage generated by the muscle action (MUAP)  varies greatly between user, and target muscle area,  simple calibration system was incorporated into the design.


The oscilloscope screen capture below illustrates the changes to the MUAP as it progresses through the circuit.