SENSORICA affiliates can co-fund material resources, like equipment. Resources currently under funding

Buying an FDM 3D printer

Any SENSORICA affiliate can contribute to this purchase by using the Paypal form below.
The funds will go into the custodian's back account and will be tagged as "Contribute to buy an FDM 3D printer".
This initiative is part of the Digital Fab project. This project is the custodian of the FDM 3D printer virtual account, at this moment managed by Tibi. This virtual account will be used purchase the 3D printer, and later to collect funds for maintenance and to distribute funds for maintenance. The co-ownership of this 3D printer is governed by THIS co-owners agreement.
ATTENTION! By contributing to the 3D printing you are effectively signing the latest version of the agreement.

Agreement by ACES/CAKE
ACES/CAKE will only administer the initial fund and the subsequent maintenance fund according to the will of co-owners, as it emanates from their collective processes. ACES/CAKE cannot use the funds in any other way.

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