SENSORICA Montreal lab expenses

Expenses for the SENSORICA Montreal lab are paid from 5% extracted from projects (see Revenues from projects), from SENSORICA affiliates contributions (as a form of investment), from donations, from SENSORICA fablab and techshop fees (see Custodian account balance), or from crowdfunding campaigns.  At this moment SENSORICA affiliates are working on a crowdfunding campaign for SENSORICA Montreal

Custodian account balance

1. at any moment this balance may be inaccurate. Please consult the monthly bank statements below for a more accurate picture.
2. we are moving this spreadsheet to the NRP-VAS to consolidate accounting for SENSORICA in a single place. Ask Tibi and Lynn for more. 

Revenue from projects

CLARIFICATION: This table shows revenues from SENSORICA projects. 5% from all revenues generated by SENSORICA projects goes to sustain the physical infrastructure (pay recurring bills) and to pay back SENSORICA affiliates that have made investments in the past. You can find all these contributions in the Custodian account balance section. As more revenue is generated by SENSORICA projects the 5% figure will diminish.  Decisions to expand SENSORICA's infrastructure are taken collectively. 

Financial contributors to the SENSORICA community 

Tactus is a company used by SENSORICA affiliates to get funding, to sell products, and to pay the bills. The contributions of Tactus in this graph are mostly about paying rent and other recurring bills for the SENSORICA lab in Montreal. We recently created ACES/CAKE Canada to act as a custodian for SENSORICA, which will take care of the physical infrastructure. 
Also note that this table is not live, it is updated every month. 

Bank account statements

ACES/CAKE bank account statements

Cash reports in NRP-VAS

NOTE, this is still experimental, under construction. The numbers might be off, because we are still entering data into the system

Open NRP-VAS Cash Report