ACES-CAKE offers custodian services (administrative and other) to the SENSORICA OVN, the Montreal operations. See more on the Material Resources page.

NOTE: to pay SENSORICA 5% fees for commercial activity see the PAYMENTS page

Your contribution is treated by the Contribution Accounting System as a contribution to the SENSORICA community. Contributions to infrastructure development and maintenance is treated as a debt to the network, with 20% fixed interest. The network will pay back the debt from a 5% fee it captures from all its commercial activities, whenever the funds resulting from these activities surpass the monthly costs to sustain the network's physical and virtual infrastructure, including the important support roles (see below). Moreover, these contributions grant access to the network's Governance and other benefits that are set up by the SENSORICA community (see example). 

Recurring (monthly) contribution to bills and support roles

One-time contribution to rent and recurrent bills associated with the space

Contributions that are made using the PayPal form above tagged "Contributions to SENSORICA Bills and Roles recurrent" and ACES/CAKE guarantees that they will not be used for other purposes, other than paying for the rent and for other recurring bills related to the space, namely Internet connection, insurance, etc., for the SENSORICA Montreal Main Lab, or for paying for the support roles listed below that concern the SENSORICA Montreal Main Lab.

Support roles

  • lab animator (keeps the spirit high and connects the network to other entities) 
  • lab guide (accompanies new affiliates for their integration within the community) 
  • lab administration (finance, paper work)
  • lab responsible (helps affiliates in the lab for their technical problems)
  • outreach (send signals about activities, needs wants, events through social media)
  • relations with academia, private sector and the open sector. 
These roles are listed in the SENSORICA Montreal lab expenses spreadsheet.