A number of my Google Answers colleagues have generously made their contact information available here.  Some of them offer general or specialized research services, as noted:

Archaeolink - one of the top archaeological sites on the internet, run by digsalot-ga
Easterangel  - based in the Philippines, site of easterangel-ga - specializes in editing, marketing and PR services, site of journalist-ga, Emily Moore
in4m8n - site of clouseau-ga, Bob Ulius
Missy-ga  - site of missy-ga, Maggie Brazeau
Politicalguru-ga - site of politicalguru-ga, Tamar
Rainbow Searches - site of rainbow-ga
Toby Lee - site of tlspiegel-ga, Toby Lee Spiegel
XooxleAnswers - site of pafalafa-ga, David Sarokin
Zebria - specializes in health and medical topics, site of crabcakes-ga, Barbara (Susie) Cannon