Are you looking for someone to do your Wedding Ceremony?
Interfaith couples, gay and lesbian couples, agnostics, pagans, buddhists, christians . . . .  
looking for something spiritual but not too "religious" . . . .   
I welcome any couple who is serious about creating a ceremony that is special to their own heart. 

I have been doing wedding ceremonies since 1988 . . .  each one custom-crafted to reflect your own beliefs and values. 

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to let me answer your questions: 
cameron.eva at gmail.com  
or 319-610-6605
or 563-265-1924

I serve as the Unitarian Universalist minister in Cedar Falls Iowa. 
We have members who are Christian, Pagan, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and others! 
So I am comfortable with a wide variety of beliefs. For me, what is important, is that love is present. 

I am willing to do your ceremony is a space that is meaningful to you.  
Indoors or out.   I will travel, if time allows.
I live half-time in Manchester and half-time in Cedar Falls. So I am happy to consider weddings all over Northeast Iowa. 
I've done weddings in Prairie du Chien and McGregor, as well as Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Manchester, Independence, and lots of points in between. 

(check back later, and I should have more pictures and samples uploaded!)

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