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There has been an overwhelming number of people offering to help. We appreciate everyone who wants to make these events successful. Here are some ways you can get involved. 

1. Pray
    a. Pray that God will move.
    b. Pray for the speakers.
        1. Words to say.
        2. Health.
        3. Safety.
    c. Pray that everything goes as planned. 
    d. Pray that God will be glorified.
2. Volunteer as ushers. There will be a need for people to assist with:
    a. Traffic control.
    b. Assistance to point people to the venue. 
    c. Assistance in finding seats for people.
    d. Set up/ Tear down.

If you are interested in volunteering send an email with the subject line "volunteer" including your name, email address, cell number (optional), and what you would be willing/like to assist with to celebrationofworship@gmail.com. I will try to find a place for everyone who wants to help and I may be able to offer a small incentive as well. Stay tuned.