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First Few Days at School

General Resources

Big Deal Book and Newsletter - " Big Deal Books are print and electronic publications that offer invaluable resources for educators, while serving specific audiences including K-12 technology professionals and educators of English language learners (ELL)."

Digital Teacher Workshop: English Language Learners - From Department of Education's Doing What Works - Submitted by Karen Morris, ND Institute for Educational Initiatives

Effective Strategies for ENL  

Effective Teaching Strategies for ENL 

Elementary English Language Learner (NCTE)  and Secondary English Language Learner (NCTE)

English for Everyone - Set of Activity sheets for elementary, middle and high school age students

English Language Learners Bulletin - This provides the best in research of early ENL research and programs.

ESL Basics - Watch and learn English at this new site (2009)

Everything ESL

Hispanic and Latino Resources - This set of links offers some statistics related to U.S. Hispanic and Latino populations.

How to Develop Questioning Strategies for ENL Students

Images - My English Images provides ready to use images on alphabet, animals, seasonal such as monsters, and more that can be used for flashcards, projects, etc. There are other resources listed here that my be of interest as well.

Internet TESL Journal (Teachers of English as a Second Language) - * Reviewed by Steve Jankowski

  • This website is a tremendously informative site that is dedicated specifically to teachers of English as a second language. As the site is opened, it is clearly labeled for easy navigation. The site provides users with links to the following: articles, lessons, techniques, questions, games, jokes, and activities for ESL students. As the user clicks on one of these various links, hundreds and this is not an exaggeration, of additional links appear that offer information on the corresponding field. For example, when clicking on the link entitled, “Lessons”, hundreds of lesson plans and their explanations appear. It is easy to find a specific lesson one may be looking for as they are grouped by topic. For example, there are lessons designed specifically for “The First Class” or “Conversations in English”. Under each of these categories are lesson plans designed for the selected topic.
  • An additional feature to this website that is a tremendous positive is that it is an online journal which means a user can navigate to past issues, even past years. In fact, this site allows its users to navigate all the way back to the year 1995. Each year that is selected has the online journal for each month of that particular year. It is nice that not only can one find help or resources from a large number of choices, but he can also see how topics, lessons and articles have changed over the past thirteen years. Users can see first hand how the field of ESL has grown and changed as research and time have so determined.
  • Again, after navigating my way through this site and exploring much of what it has to offer, I found that its benefits are tremendous. Because of the way the site is designed, it is easy to find information on a large number of topics. Its lesson plans and teaching techniques will be of great use to me as I am a beginner in the field of teaching English language learners. The articles and section containing research papers are what I believe will end up being the most important areas of the site. As I become more experienced in the field and develop lessons plans on my own, I will hopefully be less dependent on others for these. However, one can never and should never stop learning about the subject matter. The plethora of articles and research papers the site offers will be a steady diet of useful information that I can store away in my head to make me a better teacher. If I forget something along the way, I can always go back to the site and find it again

Kindersay - Geared for Preschool - grade 1, this site has free online English videos.

Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners - A new book out by Heinemann of research based strategies. This web site has reading and writing stages of ENL learners and a quick gide to ENL literacy strategies by grade level in the attachment section at the bottom.

LiteType - Lite Type has typing options in a variety of languages. It also has some other convenient features like integrated search for images, videos, and websites. Lite Type also has an integrated multilingual dictionary.

Larry Ferlazzo's Exceptional Web Site of ENL Resources

Online Resources for Teachers of ENL Students (K - 8) Everything ESL

Pew Hispanic Center (PDF below): This report provides excellent information on ELLs. Use the arrows to scroll from page to page in the executive summary.

Sheltered Instruction or Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol - Reviewed by Connor Harty

  • This website is more directed to the educator, while the other site I reviewed is more for the ELL. The general layout gives the impression that this is a fairly well run website. One of the more practical parts was the lesson plans for ELL’s. They offered a variety of lessons for grades K-12. This would also be the website that you would want to use if you were looking for a text on SIOP or ELL. They provided links to all sorts of materials that would assist anyone wanting to further their knowledge of ELL. I also especially liked their “Research” section. Here they provided a copious amount of research on what kinds of ELL and SIOP models were most successful, what did not work as well, and the impact of ELL on certain subjects.

Strategies and Resources for Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners

Teaching English to ENL Learners - This is a series of videos from US Government of "Doing What Works" for ENL  New!

Teaching Spelling to ENL Learners - This is a blog to assist one about teaching of spelling with ENL learners.  New!

Teaching Tips for K - 8 Teachers of ENL Students (49 Tips in all!)

TESOL Connections - A quarterly newsletter that provides such information as the following submitted by Rachel Moreno.

Technology Resources

Visual Literacy Tools
  • Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines words and images from the web . It's a fun tool for writers of any age who are thinking through illustrations and multiple meanings of words.
  • SearchMe is a visual search tool.
  • Picture Match - geared toward younger students and phonics from Read Write Think.
  • Visual Dictionary from Merriam-Webster - These are arranged in themes and the dictionary is a wonderful tool for learning basic vocabulary.

Web Sites in Spanish for Students

Audio Tools

  • Forvo: All the Words of the World Pronounced - Here is a website with foreign language pronunciation guides. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers New!
  • Pronunciation Animation Good resource for hearing English language.   New!

Know Your ENL Student

ENL Strategies for Silent Learners

Offline Resources

Teacher Resources  

  • 1-Language - Reviewed by Connor Harty
    • A very engaging website. It is fairly straightforward once you get to it. I could see this being very beneficial to beginning ESL students. It has games such as hangman and word searches. However, the part that may be the most beneficial is the audio of recorded conversations. In my searches for website I found many that were heavy on grammatical and methodology, but few offered the audio help. An ELL with a computer is a great idea considering how low their affective filter would be. I also enjoyed the section that included ELL articles at the bottom of the page. It was all very practical stuff that included everything from working on business English to English reading comprehension
  • Activities for ESL Students - Reviewed by Lori Fournier-Norem
    • This website, like the other one I reviewed, attempts to compile quite a list of other resources. Perhaps the most interesting things are the podcasts and read-alongs. You can find podcasts using comprehensible English. I watched the daily English show which each day highlights a different common mistake made by English learners. The main focus of this website is to provide quizzes. Quizzes are sorted according to level of language proficiency. The difficult ones are quite useful as they begin to focus on such things as style, which could be useful of heritage speakers as well. The easy quizzes seem to focus more on discreet grammar points. It also provides dual language quizzes in a wide variety of languages; some of which I have never heard such as Tagalog. I think Judy should especially amuse herself with this feature as I had fun attempting to figure out the Creole words. I think the quizzes would work for upper elementary and above even to adults; however the podcasts and read-alongs may work for younger students.
  • Apples4theteacher - Reviewed by Tina Petrick
    • Apples4theteacher is a website for primary teachers. It is not specifically for ESL yet contains many good resources for teachers of young children including ESL teachers. Within “Foreign Language” one finds links to sites that have free games and activities to help ESL students. Included in the website are games and activities to help teach Reading Comprehension, Math, Science and Social Studies. There are a variety of educational articles. These articles include the topics of Bilingual Education and ESL Education.
    • Being a primary teacher I think this website will be helpful to help bring fun activities into the classroom. The profession articles on Bilingual and ESL Education give practical ways to teach those learning English.
  • Cabrillo (Community) College, Aptos, CA: English as a Second Language Internet Resources Reviewed by John Kane
    • The following link goes to Cabrillo (Community) College in California. The webpage has a variety of resources for ENL learners and teachers. I especially liked this webpage, because it has detailed descriptions of the websites it links to and the levels for which the sites would be appropriate.
  • Civic Lessons - Civic lessons for ENL students on important US history and holidays and more.
  • ColorinColorado  - Reviewed by Kimberly Witka
    • ColorinColorado is a bilingual site that offers a number of tools, guides, articles, and activities for both parents and teachers. The teacher section of the site has free guides and toolkits for reading tips Pk-3rd grade. It also offers theses guides in eleven different languages to give to parents. Another aspect of the teacher section is that they provide a starter kit for ELL at the schools. This would be helpful for those of you starting a new program.
    • For the families it provides a number of activities to do at home to help with success of reading. These are offered in both languages. In another section it has great multicultural book lists for all ages. This site is geared for elementary teachers in some areas but all educators could benefit from the many articles or research on the site. Also, I especially liked the different books it suggests for teen readers. Overall, it seems to be a very resourceful site.
    • ***There are now Webcasts located here.
  • Curriculum Associates  - Vocabulary Strategies for English-Language Learners
    • This web site offers free professional development on the topic of vocabulary strategies for ENL students.
  • EdHelper - Review by Marina Fanelli
    • I have found this website to be extremely helpful because of the plethora of information available for teachers. There are many sections that contain different content areas (including teaching foreign language). Through my teaching, I found the free printable reading comprehension booklets to be very useful as well as the free printable readers’ theater scripts. Every topic from health to Earth Day is covered in the readers’ theater scripts. My class adored them! There is even an option to create your own free word searches and crossword puzzles. I have used this feature to create word searches during whichever unit we are studying for any given subject. There are even word searches you can create for German, Italian, French and Spanish! This site is the perfect place to go for daily, weekly, and monthly classroom themes. Some themes are based on just Reading comprehension; others are based on units of study (such as Columbus Day). All the ideas, printables and activities are there at your fingertips for you to immediately utilize in the classroom. However, there is a $20 fee for the year to use the website. From personal experience, it is well worth it!
  • English for Everyone - This site has Free English Worksheets and Interactive Quizzes for grades 3 - 8. New!
  • English Media Lab - Reviewed by Jodi Bossio
    • This website is great for classroom teachers who like to use technology in their learning centers. On this site, teachers can pick and choose different interactive activities for their language learners. And the wide variety of "games" and quizzes makes it an easy tool for differentiation! All students in our classrooms are language learners in a sense; those who are not new to the English language are usually still in some stage of acquiring or understanding form and grammar. This site can be used to sharpen skills, from how to form plurals to selecting the correct pronoun. And we all know how they love to be on our computers!
    • I love using interactive game sites as a way to reach my ELLs. It's non-threatening, usually done one at a time, and they can take the time that they need instead of feeling rushed that everyone else might be done. Since my classroom only has one computer, going to the back of the room to work on it is considered a big privilege. I usually have students work on a pre-selected activity or online game after reading their reader notebooks; the weekly letters they write me are a quick check to see if they have absorbed the grammar or word study lesson for the week. For those of my students who do have a computer at home or go to an afterschool program with a technology center, they can then work on this skill more. I find they're much more likely to go to a website on their own time than they are to sit down and work on an extra grammar worksheet.
  • ESL Printables - This is a good site to connect with other ESL/ENL educators. Registration is free but you have to submit a lesson, worksheet, etc. to enter site. New!
  • Everything ESL - Reviewed by  Jodi Bossio
    • This website differs from the other website I reviewed for this assignment. The previous website was more geared towards something the learners could use independently, with the teacher monitoring progress and checking for understanding. This website is more of a professional development site. Www.everythingesl.net includes dozens of professional articles relating to the topic of SLA and ESL. I'm hesitant to read educational articles online; I have difficulty with reading informational text on a computer screen. But the language of these articles is for the most part very accessible, and the topics vary. They address language, language acquisition, culture, professionalism, great texts to use, and teaching tips for virtually every grade.
    • I use online professional websites in a practical way. After I do my weekly planning (usually Sunday early afternoon), I take a couple hours off and then go back to it. Where does this need to be fleshed out? The answer is always in the area of differentiation, including differentiation for my language learners. Practical websites like this one allow teachers to go in, skim articles that have been previously published in this idea, and receive ideas for how to make our own lesson plans more comprehensive. It even contains sample lesson plans. As a teacher with precious little time, it's helpful to have a resource such as this where I can access information about different topics at a glance.
    ESL Cafe - Reviewed by Kimberly Witka
  • An interesting website that is interactive is one created by Dave Sperling. This website contains a range of information from job postings worldwide to helpful tutorial videos on pronunciation. For teachers, it offers lessons, games, information on different learners, and assessments. For students it has a help center, grammar lessons, slang lessons, and many other helpful tools to help them better understand the English language. The site is geared to older students I think ranging from middle school to high school. It is a little too hard for elementary students. Generally it seems to be a useful site full of lessons and video tutorials to aid in mastering the English language. Also, a way to look for international jobs if one would be interested to teach English.
    • LearnEnglishFeel Good is a website full of information for both students and teachers alike. It contains links to sites for ELLs of certain nationalities, such as a resource web for Spanish, Japanese, Polish, and German speakers.
    • It also contains video-based selections from films ("Miss Congeniality," "Napoleon Dynamite," and "Legally Blond" for starters) for as well as pronunciation practice.
    • "Learnenglishfeelgood.com" has a link to businessenglishsite.com, which has a marvelous English section. There are vocabulary sections, which can be useful for professionals either for initial learning or as a brush up.
  • ESL Gold - Reviewed by Lori Fournier-Norem
    • This website has so many and varied resources. Basically it attempts to list and give you links to a variety of other resources. Here you can find helpful tips on what types of activities would be appropriate for students in reading, speaking, listening and writing depending on their level. You could also find descriptions of reading strategies like SQ3R. Since it aims “to have the highest quality and quantity of handouts on the net”, the site also links you to lesson plans or reading guides that may be helpful and their text is free from a linked site called America’s Library. These readings seem appropriate for students in 3rd grade and above. Their content is factual and it seems to be written at a novice high to intermediate low level. Students can access quizzes that help them to review grammatical concepts and vocabulary. However, one quiz I looked at had students reading a question and deciding if it was correct or not. I do not like this, as I believe that by showing students the incorrect sentence you may be reinforcing the mistake. Due to this site’s various resources, I think that it is appropriate for upper elementary and above, even adults.
  • ESL Top Sites - Reviewed by Lynda Higgins
    • ESL Top Sites is a directory of ESL websites that are available to teachers. At the present time there are 50 links to different ideas, activities, and information. This includes printable worksheets, flashcards, lesson plans, certificates and stickers to mention a few. There is a link to hospital English (for those in the medical profession), songs, teaching opportunities both in the states and over seas, blogs to read and respond to, and I even found information about textbook selection. All of the sites are free for teachers to use. There are some that have materials that are for purchase. Because this is a public directory that anyone can add to, there is a variety of websites which you can be linked.
    • This site is for teachers of all ages and grade levels. It would be a great reference to have in favorites so that when there is a need for one more activity or for some more information throughout the year this would be available. It is also a good tool to use to begin looking for things or get answers to questions. I could have used it last school year as another resource when I was purchasing English/Spanish dictionaries for the classrooms.
    • The downside of this website is that it is privately run, not research based. It is important to take this into consideration while reviewing the sites. It does not list who created or continues to monitor the site. There are many ads on the site, and a few of the links I tried to open were not available. It would be helpful for many teachers.
  • Florida Center for Reading Research - Reviewed by Catherine Connell
    • Fcrr.org is the website for the Florida Center for Reading Research. It has resources for teachers, coaches, administrators, and parents. It covers, in depth, everything from curriculum to professional development to intervention strategies for struggling readers. The part of this website that I found most helpful was the Center Activities under Curriculum and Instruction. These links provide great center ideas for ENL and all students. The best part, though, is everything is pre-made and printable (ex. picture cards, sentence strips….everything!) These centers only go to grade 5, but I am sure they could be adapted for use with older students, especially ELLs. This website is free as well!
  • Google Translator 
  • Graphic Organizers in Spanish
  • Hello English Online
  • Interactive English
  • Learn English
  • Learn English Feel Good - Reviewed by Judith Pete
Literacy Related Websites
  • Literacy Connections
  • Cody's Cuentos    Here are free fairy tales and children's stories with varying levels of difficulty in Spanish! Download to iTunes or mp3 player. New!
  • Multicultural Children's Literature
  • Pagina Junior - A newspaper section for students for ages 5 - 12 in Spanish and English. New!
  • September Ideas to get you started
  • America's Story  
  • Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL web site -- Excellent book by Suzanne F. Peregoy and Owen F. Boyle 
  • Dialogue Journals 
  • Readers Theater
  • Games for ENL to help with vocabulary
  • Between the Lions - PBS site
  • Electronic Postcards
  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab - Reviewed by Steve Jankowski
    • This website is a wonderful site dedicated to teachers and students in the ESL field. The site’s audience is one that incorporates both teachers and students and could easily be used by parents, administrators and anyone else interested in useful ESL resources. As the web page is opened, it clearly describes the features of the site with links available if one so desired to go directly to one of its features. Its main purpose is to provide both students and teachers with various resource pages, handouts, and exercises that could be used in a classroom setting or for learning at home. Handouts range from something as beginner like, “A vs. An”, to something much more advanced like, “Writing for a North American Business Audience”. The “Exercise” link provides exercises ranging from, “Writing Numbers” to “Tense Consistency”. Each of the exercises and handouts are available to be printed at no cost to the user.
    • Another great aspect of the site is that it has links especially designed that allow students to research various topics on their own. Anything from online courses that are taught to grammar, idioms, vocabulary, quizzes, and other interesting topics are covered. Not to forget the teachers of ESL, the site also provides a link to pedagogical resources that teachers can use. This site is a great place for teachers of ESL to visit. It lists various professional organizations and online journals very useful in the field. It has links to additional teaching resources as well as a navigation page that provides immediate help in a large number of content areas. The Writing Process, Professional Writing, Research and Citation, Grammar and Mechanics, Teaching Writing, and Internet Literacy are just a sample of what is offered on this site.
    • After spending some time navigating through this website and the various links that it provides, it seems it’s usefulness to my life as an ESL teacher is endless. I have never taught ESL students in any way, thus this site provides me a great place to start as far as gathering ideas as well as resources ready to be used in the classroom. The handouts and worksheets that it provides available for printing are sure to be a great help in preparing lesson plans on different aspects of ESL. Furthermore, the levels that the site speaks to range from beginner to advanced, thus the site will remain useful as students’ proficiency increases.
    • As far as the site’s usefulness to students, I believe that it will greatly benefit them as well. Many students like to practice at home and not in the formal classroom setting. The links this website provides allow students to not only research certain aspects of the English language, but also learn about different topics and even quiz themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Because of the vast amount of materials and resources this site provides, it is a must for anyone interested in the ESL field, especially students and teachers.
  • Reading Rockets - Reviewed by Eleanor McCormack
    • Reading Rockets is a colorful and inviting website with links to a multitude of informational areas. I recommend opening the site map first and peruse the list of areas covered on the site. The topics covered include “Parents as Advocates”, “Who’s at Risk?”, and “Self-Esteem” to name just a few. The parent pages cover information for parents of infants and toddlers. The books and authors link offers video interviews of authors and a short book review. It is very helpful for all parents and they can sign up to receive a newsletter that addresses parental concerns on many topics. The link to Articles from A to Z also contains great information for teachers and parents alike. The link for teachers provides information on how to best serve each and every child. Strategies to help a struggling reader were particularly interesting. A partnership with PBS helps produce reading and education programs. One show called Reading Rocks is rather entertaining and engaging for children 7 to 12 years of age. Links exist to video and itune resources and Open Media Network offers download on a variety of topics. While I only opened a handful of the games there are about 125 free games suitable for primary age children. (K-3rd)
    • A most interesting link is the En espanol. If you click on that link, you open a most wonderful web site called Colorin Colorado. The name itself is very inviting and means “and they lived happily ever after”. This site offers information in both English and Spanish. It is extremely easy to navigate. I liked seeing the link to the mission statement right in the center of the site. The site is the flagship of public television receiving support from American Federation of Teachers, National Institute for literacy and the US Department of Education. An excellent site that covers information for children pre-k to 12 years of age. An assessment link is available to help identify academic placement and the glossary helps to explain common educational terms. A great feature is the newsletter available in both English and Spanish! Great site…worth a visit!
  • Seeing All Children Through Children's Literature - Here are booklists for working with all cultures within your classrooms. This list has 40 Spanish/English versions of books. New!
  • Starfall - Beginning Reading, Interactive activities - Reviewed by Eleanor McCormack
    • Starfall.org is a wonderful website primarily designed for first grade students but it can be used pre-k to second grade. It is an inexpensive way to make the classroom fun and productive. It could be used by a student as a “station” or a volunteer parent could use it to help any struggling readers have some quality one-on-one time. The opening page provides four levels of reading games for toddlers ABC to I am Reading!!! (Grade 2). Reading Teacher magazine recognized Starfall as one of the top five educational websites. Areas addressed in the Educators link address motivation, phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.
    • Starfall ABC’s is a great tool that could be used by a student to learn letters, sounds, and words. A beautiful photo quality picture accompanies the words. This is a great tool for English Language Learners and native speakers alike. Anyone learning to read English would enjoy clicking the letters, hearing the sounds and words read aloud! The free printable worksheets could be used to reinforce the information shared. They could also be made into learning games for review and reinforcement! Great website…worth a look!
  • Mark's ESL World
  • Open Culture -  Learn 37 different foreign languages with free Foreign Language Lessons with varying degrees of difficulty. Download the lessons to MP3 Player, iPod or Computer. New!
  • Responsive Classroom - Reviewed by Patricia Salazar
    • The website http://www.responsiveclassroom.org is a great resource for professional development. It is not a website that is directly related to resources for ESL students but has great ideas in general that can be very motivating for students learning a new language. In our linguistics class we have discussed that motivation is a big factor in learning a new language, this website provides educators with ideas in monthly newsletters. This resource might not give you direct strategies to implement in the classroom but can surely serve as food for the soul for any teacher. I know I become more motivated or my spirits are lifted after reading about success stories in the classroom.
  • SEDL Integrating Math, Science and Language Arts with ENL K - 3
  • Teachers First - Reviewed by Susan Speckman
    • Once you click onto this site and completed the free registration area, you go to search, then subject grade. Sites ranging alphabetically from art to writing with earth science/geology and trigonometry in between them pop up. Each subject area has three levels: elementary, middle school and high school. I clicked on ESL/ELL and started looking at all the great activities available. For some you need to join up, but there are plenty available that you do not have to have a membership for.
    • There was a "Seussville Reading" site that had a collection of simple reading activities, some printable, some interactive that you could download onto a smartboard and work as a class together.
    • On the middle school level it is suggested the student have at least a beginning understanding of language before using this site. Again, membership is required for some of these sites, while others are freebies. Membership is also a way to track individual student's progress. One site allowed students to remix or twist ready-made comics, which middle schoolers will love.
    • There is an incredible range of material available on this site for high schoolers as well. The format is all the same for each grade level just more advanced. A wonderful resource as a teacher, student or parent.
  • Teaching the World English
  • Teaching Tolerance - Reviewed by Catherine Connell
    • Teachingtolerance.org is an amazing website for a number of reasons. It is dedicated to eliminating prejudice through education. It is not specifically geared toward ENL strategies but has amazing resources for building multicultural appreciation in the classroom. Teachers can access FREE curricular kits on any number of topics for all age groups (ex. Rosa Parks, Anne Frank, Civil Rights, and Bullying). I know these kits are high quality because I have used them and so have my ACE roommates. These kits include films, lesson plans, and activities. Other important things to look for on this website are grants for classrooms and school distrusts and a magazine that you can subscribe to.
  • Tower of English - Reviewed by  Judy Pete
    • Towerofenglish.com has links to most everything an ENL teacher might need!  A few interesting links I noticed were connected to CNN, USA Today, and MSNBC.
    • For teaching purposes, I find the links to poetry and idioms particularly interesting.  Plus there are mystery stories and a writing segment.
    • For those interested in modern culture, there are movies, a lifestyle segment, and a “People” section.
    • Particularly useful are the business and advertising sections.  What is intriguing about the grammar section is that they will email someone a grammar lesson every day!  Then on the sixth day there is a quiz to take.  There are links to assessment tests and great grammar explanations. 
    • One could utilize this site without ever looking at any others!  I’m very pleased to find it and am delighted that I could expand my horizons and realize that there is ESL life beyond Dave’s Café!
  • University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign - Internet English Resources page of the University's Intensive English Institute  - Reviewed by John Kane
    • The following link goes to the Internet English Resources page of the Intensive English Institute at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign which is the university I just earned my master’s from. The webpage has resources for ENL learners and teachers grouped under the following categories: Grammar, Oral Communication, Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Test Preparation, Dictionaries, Current Events (News) and Other Collections. I think this would be a great resource for ENL teachers and learners because it is links to so many sites that could be useful in an easy to use format.
  • University of Kansas Medical School Diversity Calendar - Reviewed by Lynda Higgins
    • The Kansas University Medical School Diversity Calendar is valuing our differences: celebrating diversity. It is an organized, user-friendly collection of dates. On this site you can look at each topic given: ethnic dates, religious dates, national holidays, or other (such as deaf history month, groundhog day, etc.), or you can click on each month to find all dates for each category. The ethnic and religious dates both list the group of people that celebrate the day in parenthesis. The national dates are just for the United States. There are also links explaining many of the holidays. It was created in 2003, but has this year’s current dates listed.
    • I think this would be especially helpful to teachers of all ages and grades to help celebrate diversity in the classroom. This is a very practical way to take a few minutes each day to build community and share multiculturalism. It is also useful to help all students come to know the national holidays and different dates that Americans celebrate. It would be great for administrators to use in the opening announcements each day. Parents can use this site to help teach their children about diversity. Students can use it as a resource.
  • University of New York - Stony Brook Resources - Reviewed by Susan Speckman
    • This website is unbelievable, especially for those of us who have no real experience teaching ESL students. It defines itself as a site that provides strategies for promoting success for ESL students in K-12. It is generated out of the State University of New York system positioned at Stony Brook. There are fourteen bullet points, each one expanded on once you click it with actual strategies and activities for the teacher to utilize in an effort to achieve success in the classroom.
      • For example: bullet #1 is: Know Who They Are. Click on it and a list of questions pops up for you to answer or ponder upon in an effort for you as the teacher to gain more knowledge which will enable you to better serve your students. Each bullet provides the same information for you to consider. The site also gives additional sites that may further assist your journey with the ESL student. I know that I will be frequenting this particular site.
  • WorksheetWorks - Review by Marina Fanelli
    • I chose this website for a couple different reasons. One is because it encompasses all content areas, with interesting activities and worksheets for group and individual work. When you enter the website you can choose from various subjects such as Math, English, Geography, and Grammar. Under each heading there are assorted worksheets that would be perfect for the ELL because all of them have clear visuals to accompany the text and an example is provided at the top each page as a reference for the student before he/she starts to work. The English section is one I especially like because there are worksheets to reinforce many skills: vocabulary, grammar, alphabetizing and parts of speech. The information page at the top of the section even states that these activities would be helpful for the native speaker or ELL. I used these sheets as supplemental exercises in my teaching the last two years and found them effective in helping students who were having a problem in a subject area, as well as enriching those students who were ahead.
  • Using Cognitive Strategies to Develop English Language and Literacy
  • Using English - Reviewed by Tina Petrick
    • UsingEnglish.com is a phenomenal website. It contains a collection of ESL tools and resources. The teacher section alone has printable handouts, reading comprehension quizzes, lesson plans and articles. There is a handout that helps teach what seems like every aspect of Grammar. They are also designed to use online with instant feedback. The reading comprehension section is based on the ESL examination questions for certification in English. There are literally hundreds of quizzes for English grammar. Also included are lesson plans for all levels of English Language Learners. The section of articles includes 40 general articles about ESL; some are on specific purposes such as teaching Business English. Another set of articles is about teaching ESL in Asia.
    • I was quite impressed with this website. There are so many resources to help ESL teachers. It is very easy to use. Another good aspect of this website is that there is free membership which gives one more resources.
  • Working with English Language Learners: Strategies for Teachers
  • Yes, I Teach! - Reviewed by Patricia Salazar
    • The website http://www.yesiteach.org is an excellent teacher website for any teacher. It has resources for every level and subject matter. Although the website itself doesn’t have information it has several links to other pages that are very useful. One of the links I thought was most useful was www.globalgang.org.uk a website for kids to read and learn about different customs around the world. A link on that page read A Teaching Pack on Refugees, I think this could be an excellent site for teachers with a high refugee population. Other links on the website include links to www.colorincolorado.org, teachers helping teachers, and free interactive Spanish lessons. I think this is a worthwhile website to visit because of the variety of links it has to offer.

Parent Resources

Reading Resources for Latino Parents

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Teachers Online 
    • This web site offers free materials but also one-hour professional development opportunities on a variety of ENL strategies, reading and writing strategies and techniques, and math strategies. Most of the courses cost $10 for the hour and some courses are semester long for $49.

*  Reviews are provided by graduate students in Rachel Moreno's ENL Summer 2008 Course through the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Licensure Program - University of Notre Dame.

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