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cBook Lite

cBook 3.0 has been submitted to AppStore for review.

cBook is a Chinese eBook Reader on iPhone/iPod Touch devices.

You can now read chinese books the traditional way -- from top right veritcally down to bottom left corner.

All the existing eBook applications in the market allows you to read Chinese like English. This is indeed very simple to develop, however not how Chinese should be read.
The written Chinese language has evolved over time and you will find Chinese books very similar to an English book, you read it horizontally, and you flick the pages from right to left. This is not wrong, and can be seen as some kind of evolution or even fashion.

You can navigate through the book by clicking on different areas of the screen, or via swiping the screen horizontally.
The book you read can be downloaded within the application using your Internet connection.

cBook can be downloaded from Apple AppStore