6/2/08  Woh, EPIC page updated. Fan Section added. MSN me if you know one I forgot to add, I'm bound there is one.

6/1/08  Huh, turns out, the Paypal button never worked. Heh. Just donate to ACE_Corn (AT) Hotmail.com. In other news, I've gotten a new site! It's going to up and running soon, and I'll post a link for you guys. I might end up putting a redirect from here to there. So yeah, look forward to that.

4/13/08  Hey donate some money to me. Link at footer of page. 

4/06/08  Firefox retrieved! Updating will be easy again. Also, I've updated a few pages. Cheerio.

3/20/08  Another long update. Portard finished, and a random comic I just pulled of my ass. Cheers.

  Sup guys. Sorry, long time with no updates. But, anyway, Portard started, fuck yeah. Menu. Also, my PhpBB3 forums are almost done, so I'll post those when I'm done. On top of all that, I've restarted Agitation III and Covetousness.

12/30/07  New forums set up at Acp.x.am. Go sign up.

12/11/07  Sice my FireFox stopped working, it's getting harder and harder to update this place. Anyways, World Of Warcraft Retard is finished!

11/21/07  New project announced! Find it under Agitation 3 on the project page. Additionally, my request with a site is pending. Soon, I will have ace-corn.net or ace-corn.com up and running soon. For the time that I will be designing pages and such, I will just redirect it to here, but I'll post it up when it works. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11/4/07  Okay, most pages online. Take a look around, and enjoy the epic page.

11/4/07  Projects page opened! Take a look. 

11/4/07  Wow. Opera fails with Googlepages. For some reason though, Firefox works again. Pages up soon.

11/4/07  Sorry for that guys, but I will be putting up as many pages as possible. My web Browser stopped functioning with Googlepages, so I had to end up using Opera. Whatever, most pages will be up soon.

  Haha, shit. Long update, I know, I know. But I really didn't change a whole lot on the overall site, sorry, but I am reopening it in a matter of minutes. I just want to add a few finishing touches. Cheers, and Happy Halloween!

9/3/07  Sorry for the long delay. I have been adding features and I have been real busy. I haven't gotten alot of time to work on the site, even though I have added a few pages. I mostly have been just working on existing pages. What's worse is school is starting tomorrow, so that means I will have even less time to work on this. I am also trying to get a site domain. If I don't get it soon, I will just open this site as it is and then update as I go along. In the meantime, keep checking up on the site! I am going to try to update my status every day, and If not, as soon as I can. Cheers.

8/16/07  Site undergoing new features, and I am re-doing alot of it; All pages will be unavailable.

8/7/07  I have added where you can reach me on online games to the Contact page.

8/6/07  I am soon getting my own Site, not a shitty googlepages thing. When I do, I will move EVERYTHING there. There will just be a notice message that I moved.

8/2/07  New Forum started, The Fall out Shelter. If you are a noob and/or fag, I will immedietly delete your account.

7/13/07  Added Madness Dross, Bunkum, and Offal Spritesheet to download list.

7/12/07  Okay, It's official, I suck at animating. I've been convinced by so many people that I completely suck at animation, so, don't expect ANYTHING from me untill most likely 2008. I am taking a long break from animation. I'm also expecting this site to become very inactive update-wise. So, I bid you all adou.

7/10/07  Fucking EPIC. Agitation 2 is HERE

6/28/07  Lol, I wonder how many people I got with that fake preview. But, seriously, I have the real one; Here. I know it's bad. I made it in 15 minutes. Music by Me and API.

6/24/07  I have a Agitation 2 preview, here.

6/22/07  Alright, cool, I got my Downloads page up and running. Don't expect alot of downloads right now. I just got my Savefile account, and I'll be working on Covetousness as well. Anyways, expect more downloads soon.

6/20/07  FUCK YES! My eAmped Forum is back online! Damn nice. I re-linked the forum link to it.

6/19/07  New Agitation 2 Screenshot! (In projects)

6/18/07  Sorry for not alot of updates lately, but TIA Season Two is getting epic! Go check it out! (Link in projects)

6/17/07  Just letting you guys know, my shitty phpbbserver forums won't be used soon, I'm getting my eAmped forum back in a few days. (Woot).

6/8/07  Things are moving along great with Agitation 2! And, I have bumped the deadline up to July 2nd. It will help some of my other artists who need more time.

6/6/07  New Agitation 2 Screenshot! It's in Projects.

6/4/07  It's official! Madness Agitation 2 is HAPPENING. If you're a part of it, you might want to check out the peice deadline on my MSN Personal note, or in Projects.

6/1/07  Screenshot concerning an Important project! Here.

5/28/07  MADNESS AGITATION RELEASED! FIND IT AT: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/380927

5/25/07  Googlepages set up at http://ace.corn.googlepages.com