AceSQL Is an amazing product designed to save huge amounts of time when creating reports from database exports, you know what it's like the reports from your database software just don't fit the bill when it comes to Graphs & Trends etc.... so you end up exporting the raw data to excel then spend hours creating graphs etc... and if your clever you may create a macro or two to help out, then when the boss wants the reports changing it's a nightmare changing all the macros that you wrote 6 months ago!

AceSQL makes creating reports a dream and when it comes to changing the data criteria all you need do is update the AceSQL statement.

It's Very Fast, much faster than macros and very easy to manage, all you need to know is a little AceSQL and you will amaze everyone with the speed you create your reports.

For a Free Demonstration on how AceSQL can help your business save time and money give us a call today!