Information for Participants

The 3D modelling and applications workshop (3DMA2016) is organized as part of The 13th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV'16) to be held from 20th to the 24th November 2016, in Taipei, Taiwan.

In recent decade, research on 3D technology has increased dramatically. 3D contents have constituted substantially to the digital media, affected and enhanced various aspects of our lives. Nevertheless, the creation of 3D models remains mostly a time-consuming and costly process, particularly for physical objects and scenes.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from areas related to 3D modelling and associated applications, and to provide a focused event for discussing their ideas and give insights into their areas of expertise in the different modalities in 3D modelling and applications.

Topics of interest:

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • 3D reconstruction of models or scenes by various means, such as vision-based approaches like binocular stereo, shape from motion, or other approaches including time-of-flight, or the integration of multiple approaches.
  • 3D scene understanding, object-based representation and segmentation.
  • Applications of 3D models or techniques in virtual or augmented reality, 3D visualization, augmented street view, web-based 3D map applications.
  • Depth sensing and perception for robotic tasks, including recognition, navigation, tracking, mapping.
  • Accuracy requirement and metrics for assessment of 3D data.


Authors are invited to submit a full paper according to the guidelines (available on the ACCV'16 conference website) to the submission system via

Submitted papers will be reviewed by the workshop program committee in a double blind manner. Supplementary material can be submitted which may contain illustrative videos, additional results, detailed theorem proofs or material that is under review elsewhere but necessary for understanding the submission (this must be declared as such). Submissions, including supplementary material, must be self-contained. It is not acceptable to include (even anonymized) URLs to additional external material. In submitting a manuscript to this workshop, the authors acknowledge that no paper substantially similar in content has been submitted to another conference or workshop during the review period. Papers violating the formatting rules, the double-blind or dual-submission policies will be rejected without review. 
Accepted papers must be registered and presented; otherwise they will not be included in the workshop proceedings.

3D model of a building in National University of Kaohsiung