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Jun. 11, 2012 Submission-Page opened
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Accepted Papers & Statistics
Accepted Papers from ACCV Main Conference
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Important Dates
Submission of full papers (via ACCV main conf.) Jul. 1. 2012 (PCT)
Submission of full papers (Workshop only) Sep. 8. 2012 (PCT)
Notification of acceptance Oct. 1. 2012 (PCT)
Submission of camera ready papers Oct. 10. 2012 (PCT)
Workshop Nov. 6. 2012 (PCT)

 The ambition of this workshop will be to provide an opportunity to disseminate recent theories, methods, and practical algorithms that explicitly exploit the enormous potential of combining low-resolution depth cameras with high-resolution color cameras for a wide variety of computer vision tasks. The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from multiple fields: computer vision, robotics, computer graphics, image processing, and sensor architecture. A strong emphasis will be put on live demos. The workshop will encourage the submission of papers from the following indicative and non-restricted list of topics:

  • Calibration of depth-color camera systems
  • Registration of depth and color data
  • Depth-color sensor fusion
  • Depth-stereo fusion
  • 3D reconstruction with mixed camera systems
  • 3D scene segmentation and interpretation
  • 3D content production
  • Visual-based robot navigation
  • Object recognition
  • Object localization
  • Visually guided object grasping and manipulation
  • Action and gesture recognition
  • Human-motion capture
  • Human-computer and human-robot interaction


If you have any comments or questions, send an email to seungkyu74@gmail.com.