Minutes of General and BOD Meetings

Topics on our meeting of June 08, 2011 here are the main points that were discussed:

                 Matters Arising from Minutes:

1.       Mata Laguna Project – project still at work.

2.       Forestry – Still working on gettng action from this department concerning various issues.

3.       Sugar Caye – letter to DOE sent.

4.       Adverts – Running of ads on Reef Radio and Love Fm radio stations.

5.       Master Plan – ways to keep this moving forward.

    New Matters:

1.       Belize Coalition Outreach Program – ACCSD working with the Coalition in their first public presention at the Lion’s Den on June 14, 2011.

2.       Lighthawk – flight was carried over the island; we got pics and video on the island.

3.       Bacalar Project – no update yet.

                              4.       Cayes for Sale – investigation to be carried on.

Topics discussed for our Board Meeting on May 05, 2011:

        Matters Arising from Minutes:

                        1. Mata Laguna Project
                        2. IDB Project
                        3. ACES/forestry
                        4. Sugar Caye
                        5. Tarpon Bay
                        6. Adverts
       New Matters:
                        1. Solid Waste
                        2. Lauren's Visit to San Pedro/ Lighthawk Office Manager
                        3. Lighthawk- flight around island to take pictures and video.
                        4. Bacalar Chico Project