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Picture of an Asian soldier with no name identification.

Credit of this image goes to Shaie-Mei Deng Temple, who sent it to the webmaster


Ching-Chang or China Hague, 2nd Louisiana (Yankee) regiment

(Webmaster's notes: Credit of the information goes to JimT. JimT responded to the Louisianna Civil War Message Board message posted by Jim Huffman.)

{12/3/2006} Ching-Chang or China Hague, 2nd LA (Yankee) regiment, sent by JimT in the Louisiana Civil War Message Board.

" " Savannah Republican, June 24, 1863, p. 1, c. 2 - A Celestial Among Us.—Among the prisoners received at the Libby recently is Ching-Chang, or, in English, China Hague, a member of the Second Louisiana (Yankee) regiment, taken near Port Hudson. Chang wears a cue of respectable length, and the first enquiry he made after his entry was in regard to the supply of rats to be obtained. As the Libby is overrun with them, Chang anticipates a good time. " "


A Chinese sailor on the CSS FLORIDA

(Webmaster's notes: Credit of the information goes to Terry Foenander, an Australian Civil War researcher.)

Chinese (not named) in CSS Florida, by Terry Foenander.

{11/16/2006} Chinese sailor on the CSS FLORIDA

Complete transcriptions of the Richmond, Virginia newspaper, the Daily Dispatch, for the Civil War years are online, and I have been avidly scanning these for all data on Confederate (and Union Navy, of course) sailors names and details.

Came across mention, in a June, 1863 issue, of a Chinese who had been serving aboard the CSS FLORIDA, though he is not named, nor any further mention made of him.

I have some lists of names of personnel who served aboard this cruiser, but have not noted any Chinese surnames, so he may have anglicized his name.

Don't know how we will be able to obtain more data, though I do have, on microfilm, some records of the CSS FLORIDA, though mostly dated in 1864, by which time he may have already been discharged, or left the vessel.


Chinese soldier in Zouave uniform

(Webmaster's notes: Credit of the information goes to Jim Huffman. Jim Huffman is a member of the Gainesville Vols, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 373, Pearl River County, MS)

Chinese (not named) in 4th LA infantry.

Southern Historical Society Papers.
Vol. XXXI. Richmond, Va., January-December. 1903.
In A Louisiana Regiment.
pp. 103-104

{12/2/2006} Jim Huffman ran across an account from a fellow in the Delta Rifles, 4th LA Infantry, that said, in part:

(Quotation from the Paper.)

...At the time of my appointment I was a member of the Delta Rifles, of the 4th Louisiana Infantry, a company composed very largely of young sugar planters and slave-owners of parishes contiguous to Baton Rouge. Wealthy, refined, gentlemanly fellows they were, those Delta Rifles, my dear reader, and you may imagine my dismay as I stepped ashore at the wharf at Mandeville, and cast my eyes upon as cosmopolitan a body of soldiers as there existed upon the face of God's earth. There were Frenchmen, Spaniards, Mexicans, Dagoes, Germans, Chinese, Irishmen, and, in fact, persons of every clime known to geographers or travellers of that day. Nor was that all, as it seemed to me that every soldier on the grounds, in addition to his jaunty zouave uniform, wore a black eye, a broken nose or a bandaged head, having just been recruited, and only getting over the usual enlistment spree. In my gold-trimmed, close-fitting full-dress uniform, my young heart beat with pride and ambition as I neared my destination, but I must confess a glance at the motley crowd of soldiers caused a sigh of regret that I had left my old company, even to assume higher rank....


Ah Fong and George Locke in the muster of USS Fredonia

(Webmaster's notes: Credit of the information goes to Edward Milligan. Ed. is a Civil War Navy researcher and a friend.His source is from the National Achive.)

{3/13/2006} G'day! I checked the muster of USS Fredonia in Record Group 24. On the 31 Mar 1868 muster #54 was Ah Fong, Ordinary Seaman who enlisted for a year at Callao. He was born in Canton, China, was 19 a laborer 5'2" with dark eyes, black hair and a dark complexion. He died in the quake.

On the same muster #13 was George Locke a cabin steward who took a year at Callao on 7 Mar 67. He was a 36 year old cook from Canton. He was 5'4" brown eyes, black hair and a "florid"!! complexion. George was not on the casualty list. See ya.






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