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Date: 11/25/00 11:25:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
Hello Gordon, Civil War Interactive has reviewed on the following site: ACCSACW. We're pleased to inform you that this site did score higher than 3-stars (out of five), and has been posted in Civil War Interactive's LinkCentral. You can find the listing in the General (A - K) section at

Civil War Interactive's LinkCentral, general A to K We have enlosed an award to use if desired. If used, please link it to Civil War Interactive We would also ask that you include us on your Links page if applicable. Congratulations on a fine site! Joe Avalon - Editor. Civil War Interactive

Date: 11/22/00 4:05:24 AM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Gordon, I enjoyed speaking to you and thanks for getting emails out to people for me. This {filming} program is very important for US history and also for the history of our Chinese community. I look forward to working with you soon. Will keep you updated on the latest happenings Thanks, Monty

Date: 11/22/00 3:50:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Dr. Zhang (copying Gordon), Thanks for the note! I will be starting a production on Chinese in the Civil War {documentary film} very shortly. Gordon Kwok kindly gave me your name. I will give you a call after the holiday and speak with you about your findings. You can log onto my current film site at

We Serve with Pride. This film is premiering on PBS and will be shown throughout the nation. It is the story about Chinese Americans in WWII. Monty Hom

Date: 11/22/00 2:52:32 AM Eastern Standard Time
Hi, Mr. Gordon, Thanks for writing me. I was looking for your web site a few days ago to see if any updates. I am glad to see your email. Since you included Mr. Hom's email, I will send an email directly to him. I have some materials that may interests him. Thanks and keep in touch. Qingsong Zhang

Subj: Re: info
Date: 11/17/00 7:43:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Gordon, Just received some info from a Chinese Woman whose great grandfather was in the union army. His photo is currently on the cover of a bood titled: An American Chinese Album. It's on Amazon.com She claims that all her relatives and family know that he was in the Civil War and has heard statements as a child about her Great grandfather sympathetic to the Johnny Rebs as he always made a point to give prisoners food amd water. His name his Lee Kwong. He probably enlisted in NY. Any info on this guy?? Anything close in name?? I'll try to get more concise info. Thanks, Monty Hom

{Webmaster's reply: Date: 11/17/00 Hi Monty, I look up Amazon.com to the book that you mentioned. The Chinese American Family Album, by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler. And I also look up Kwong Lee as well as Lee Kwong in the CW database that I have access, but I could not find the name in either order. (There is only one name in alphabet K as first name, and last name Lee: King Lee, who served in U.S. Color Troop.) That doesn't mean that Lee Kwong did not serve in the Union NY or any other Union infantry. It may mean that the database I use might not be complete or extensive enough to cover all known Union soldiers, and therefore, the database list could not confirm Lee Kwong's name on the records collected. Warm regards, Gordon Kwok}

Date: 11/15/00 11:01:49 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: Gordon, interesting website on chinese serving in the civil war. I am from Hong Kong. Sheung Leung

Subj:Chinese serving in Civil War
Date:11/3/00 3:12:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Gordon: Good work. George Lin

Subj: film
Date: 10/31/00 4:55:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
To Monty Hom, copy Gordon Kwok,
G'day ! I had a chat with Doc Tom today. Tom mentioned about USN enlisted rates. The Chinese were enlisted as Landsmen with perhaps a ordinary seaman or two. Descending order was: seaman; ordinary seaman, Landsman, 1st Class Boy, 2nd Class Boy; 3d class Boy. NB boys were often young but mature contrabands were enlisted as Boys and plenty of 16-18 year olds did also. Most Chinese were used as cooks or stewards. The kitchen help was often listed at the end of the petty officers and ahead of the seamen. They were usually paid as POs and earned more than the seamen. This info is found in the Prize Money Lists. If ya have particular questions or points give a yell and I'll try to bone up. Hope ya have a good goblin day ! I made Gordon cc so ya can put him and me into the repaired address book! Keep well Ed

Subj: CWM Historic Site Award
Date: 10/24/00 5:42:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Webmaster: Gordon Kwok, Dear Sir, Please accept, the 2000,

"Civil War in Miniature" Historic Site Award.
Your site is being awarded because of its excellence, unique format, historical significance and because of its contribution to students, educators and interested parties of the great American Civil War. Congratulations on your hard work and diligence. The Internet is a better place because of your contribution!The intention of the Internet was to spread knowledgeand be an information highway, therefore, yourcontribution is vital to everyone!Please email the Webmaster to let us know you have received the award.
P.S. We are sorry but we are unable to add your link at this time due to notification from our server we are at capacity and they do not wish us to add any more information. We invite you to copy our award and post it on your page as the "Civil War in Miniature" award is much recognized among Civil War enthusiasts as an award marking an excellent site. Sincerely, Webmaster and creator, Roger L. Curry,"Civil War in Miniature," a site adopted by several school districts for the study of the Civil War.

Subj: Asians in the ACW
Date: 10/17/00 12:19:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Gordon, Great website. I am an asian civil war reeactor. I always get questioned as to my authenticity, and have known that there were Chinsese who fought for the union, but didn't know how many. Have you come across any Japanese in the army or navy? Any other good websites w/ this subject material? I could spend weeks reading over all of your links. Thanks. David Furukawa 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company A, Atlanta, GA

Subj:Civil War Chinese
Date:10/8/00 4:16:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Gordon: There is a short bio of Hong Neok Woo in WORLD JOURNAL (SHI JIE RI BAO), SECTION F, PAGE 2 from 9/28 thru 9/30/2000. Him Mark Lai

Date:9/22/00 7:52:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
G'day Terry (& copy Gordon)! I did a screen on the names from K / 7 fla. I found a few odd names but not one that looked or sounded like an Asian. The next step would be to try to check the 1860 census index to see if I can locate each bloke. That is a labor intensive project that I am not sure I wish to undertake. Any commants ? are ya ignoring the games ? They do eat the time if ya stay glued to the telly. Keep well and enjoy. yer pal unc ed

Subj: Article on Chinese Soldier Hong Neok Woo
Date: 9/15/00 11:28:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Gordon, I have written you before about my research into Louisiana Chinese confederate soldiers serving in the Civil War. I have made progress and when I have some free time, I am going to match my finds to what's on your site and get back to you. The reason I am writing you now is that I acquired a historical booklet from Lancaster County, Pa, published in 1921 which has 3 page article on Hong Neok Woo. Would it help if I post the article on my website and you can then link to it? Shaie-Mei Temple

Subj: Request for materials for Chinese American heritage project
Date: 9/13/00 11:49:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Mr. Kwok: I'm so glad that I found your site when I'm searching on things related to the Chinese American history. I'm planning an exhibit on Chinese American history as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration at Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg, MD in January 2001. This is one of the programs run by the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Inc. (CCACC) of the greater metropolitan Washington, DC area in collaboration with the Lakeforest Mall.
I do need some photos on the Chinese serving in the American Civil War, gold mine, railroad, etc. I want to portray these Chinese American as Nation Builders, ancestors in the Americas. If you have any questions, advice or suggestions on the exhibit, pls. don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you so much in advance for your assistance. With regards, Rita Lewi, Chinese American Heritage Project, CCACC

Date: 9/6/00 10:47:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
G'day Gents !
A-Ti 30/11/61 lds {lds=landsman} 3 nyc Canton 20- chestnut bk chinese 2 1/4
K-Ying 30/11/61 lds 3 nyc canton 22- chestnut bk chinese 3 1/4
Irwin,Charles 26/11/61 lds 3 Philly HK China 23 mariner bk bk dk 3
Smith Thos 26/11/61 lds 3 Philly HK China 30 mar bk bk dk 3 1/2
and I ignored a blue eyed HK lad. I fear I should check the 1858 -1861 lists for Chinese. Clearly I did not do a good job . Keep well. Yer pal, Uncle Ed.

Subj: Chineese in ACW
Date: 9/2/00 4:46:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Gordon, Has your research uncovered anyone in either the 123d or 169th NY ?? FYI in working with the roster of both units have not noticed anyone with an obvious Chinese sounding name. Thank you for reading my inquiry. Bob Farrell. Researching the 123d and 169 NYV

Subj: Chinese in the Civil War
Date: 8/27/00 9:44:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: gordonkwok@aol.com, Just visited your site and wanted to thank you for all the info that you've gathered. I'm Chinese and a Civil War reenactor with the 7th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. I have used the biographical sketch of Joseph Pierce who served with the 14th Conn. Vol. Inf. as a model. A more detailed article of him can be found in Civil War Times Illustrated Sept/Oct 1994 Issue on the last page. Hope this can be of use to you. Keep up the good work. Perry Fong

Subj: Military Images
Date: 8/14/00 2:16:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Gordon, The July August edition of this magazine has Joseph Pierce on the front cover. It's a photo I've never seen before. Credited to senior editor of magazine Michael J McAfee. Article has nothing new, but photo is great. Yes, I'm now on email.

Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Date: 8/9/00 8:48:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To Mr. Kwok, Just looked at your web site. Very impressive. Great information. You may be amused that several years ago I spent some time in Tai Pai in Tai Wan and was chatting with a native of that city. He asked what I did for recreation and I tried to explain reenacting. He looked very strangely at me and said, seriously, "Chinese people would never do such a thing." Phil Katcher (Phil Katcher is the editor of the


(Webmaster's reply: I know Chinese do reenact in the American Civil War. One of my Chinese reader/reenactor exchanged email messages with me. See Part 4.)

Date: 8/3/00 7:04:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi Gordon, FYI...there is a newly discovered photo of Asian CW soldier Joseph Pierce on the cover of the latest issue of MILITARY IMAGES, along with a short article by Michael McAfee. Pierce is in uniform! I have made a xerox for you and will bring it the next meeting..Hope you are having a great summer...Bob Hearsey

Subj: Chinese Serving in the American Civil War
Date: 7/26/00 7:22:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To Gordonkwok@aol.com, I just wanted to let you know that I've added a link to your site from my new site, Military History, at

http://www.skalman.nu/history. Feel free to post a message about your site in the Related Websites section of my forum at http://pub11.ezboard.com/bskalmanmessageforum. Marcus.

Date: 7/25/00 9:56:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Mr. Kwok, I discovered your web page and was fascinated by the numbers of East Asian people who served in the CW. I was familiar with corporal Joseph Pierce but had no idea that there were considerably more who served. Thanks for your hard work helping to piece the Civil War mosaic together. Bill Barnes, Sewickley Academy.

Subj: Re: Chinese in Civil War
Date: 7/24/00 10:18:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Gordon, I went back and read all of your site after I wrote to you last night - very impressive. You mention that Yung Wing tried to enlist in the US during the civil war- do you have any references on that- it is something we have not come across. He did try to get the US to accept Chinese students in to the US Military Academy at West Point with no luck. I look forward to cooperating with you in any way we can. Zaijian, Di Lihua (R. C. DeAngelis)

[Webmaster's response to Richard DeAngelis's question: Yung Wing ----- Reference of his attempting to serve in the American Civil War: 2 reference, probably the same source.
(1) Dr. Qingsong Zhang (Ph.D. in History, University of Virginia) In his book written in Chinese language, Dragon in the land of Eagle, published by Shanghai Renmin Chubanshe, 1998 {People's Publishing Press of Shanghai, 1998} p. 470 on Yung Wing. The webmaster is going to translate / paraphase / summarize the passage from Chinese into English: ------- There was a "First Chinese Foreign Student" Yung Wing. He requested to serve as a volunteer soldier for the Federal Army, and saved the Union. Yung Wing arrived in New York, on behalf of the Ching Dynasty (the Manchu Government) to purchase machinery. Yung selected the manufacturer, contracted the machinery, and expected to wait for 6 months for the delivery of the goods. At that time, it was about the end of the American Civil War. Yung had 6 months in U.S. He was then, a Naturalized U.S. citizen and thought of U.S. as his "second" country. So he decided to return favor to the U.S. Government and intended to serve for 6 months. He went to Washington to see Brigadier General Joseph K. Barnes (Barnes was Yung's former classmate), and told Barnes about his wish. Gen. Barnes was very moved, but the Union had enough volunteers to fill up the Army. Besides, Gen. Barnes thought that Yung's mission was just as important, and told him not to volunteer. This was what Yung wrote in his autobiograhpy. Even though Yung did not serve, his proposal to serve demonstrate how loyal he was to the U.S. {Yung Wing: An account of pursuing my Western Education, (a translated title from Chinese to English), pp. 157-159.}
(2) Ruthann Lum McCunn (Author, Scholar and novelist) In her paper, "Chinese in the Civil War: Ten Who Served" Chinese America: History and Perspectives 1996, Published by the Chinese Historical Society of America, pp.170, she wrote: ----- Nor do they take into account men like Yung Wing, a Naturalized citizen, who offered his services as a volunteer, including paying for all his own equipment, only to be told, "We have plenty of men to serve, both as couriers and as fighting men to go to the front." {Yung Wing, My Life in China and America (New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1909), pp. 157-159.}]

Subj:Chinese in Civil War
Date:7/23/00 11:07:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Mr. Kwok, I saw your excellent website commemorating the Chinese who served in America's civil war - a little know fact. I just retired from teaching Chinese history in colleges after 35 years and my Chinese friends and I have been working on research concerning Yung Wing (Rong Hong) and the Chinese educational Commission of 1872-1881. Prof. Kao and I have spent a good part of our lives informing the American public about the achievements of Chinese-Americans and the great contributions they have made to our society. We especially enjoy giving talks to school groups to inform them of the past discrimination and the courage of the Chinese who chose to become Americans. To this end, we have recently created a website to disseminate information on our non-profit educational organization, the Chinese Students Memorial Society, and it mission. Our site URL is

http://www.120chinesestudents.org. I would greatly appreciate it if you would review our site and possibly link it to your site to assist us. We shall be happy on our next upgrade to reciprocate. I would also appreciate any suggestion you may have to improve the site - it is not yet finished and is going slowly because we are fortunate to have the services of a fine young Chinese computer technician who is doing it in his spare time as a contribution to the Society. I would also like to summarize your info. on the Chinese in the Civil War in our next print newsletter mailing and credit your site with your permission only. Thank you and I hope we may a mutually beneficial relationship. Richard C. DeAngelis, Ph.D., Fairfield, CT

Subj: Re: Asian Confederates
Date: 7/23/00 9:18:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Thank you for responding Gordon, I was informed by Mr. Kelley that you all were corresponding. I wish you luck in your search too. Thank you for helping to tell the REAL story of the C.S.A. Armed forces. Gary Davis

Subj:Asian Confederates
Date: 7/21/00 10:19:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi Gordon, I would like to tell you about this website www.37thtexas.org. It is maintained by "Major" Michael Kelly. The purpose of the 37th Texas is to document the "Confederates of Color". As you know some were Chinese. If you have any info you would like to share concerning Chinese Confederates please contact Mr. Kelley he would be VERY interested to hear about the info you have collected. Gary Davis

Date: 7/18/00 11:47:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: gordonkwok@aol.com, ......the 37th Texas Cavalry is dedicated to researching and honoring ALL Forgotten Confederates and, as such, we are aware of the Chinese service with the Avegno Zouaves commanded by Major Anatole Avegno.
It is our intent under the banner of "Forgotten In Gray Galleries" to eventually publish a print which will depict the Avegno Zouaves in their original blue Zouave uniforms with a Chinese Confederate carrying the Regimental flag into battle. The Avegno Zouaves reigmental flag is held at the Confederate Museum in New Orleans and we will view it shortly, although we are not allowed to photograph it.
We invite your attention and would be pleased to add a page to our site reflecting your research.
"We are a band of brothers!"
"I feel that you are free men, I am a free man, and we can do as we please. I came here as a friend and whenever I can serve any of you I will do so...therefore, let us stand together. Although we differ in color, we should not differ in sentiment." - Confederate General N.B. Forrest, Memphis, Tennessee - July, 1875
Your Obedient Servant, Major Michael Kelley, CSA

37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's)

Date: 7/1/00 4:08:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Mr. Kwok, I saw the updated pages which included my communication. Thanks. I am interested in meeting Mr. Hom. I have some project ideas to talk to him. Regards, King Zhang

Date: 6/30/00 11:37:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi, Gordon, I read your very interesting articles on the Chinese serving in the Civil War. I never knew there was any. To find that there were 47 was a surprise. I am glad you have found a hobby for yourself and that you can share your knowledge with others. Connie Woo

Date: 6/14/00 4:00:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Thanks for showing me your very cool web site! I had no idea that the Chinese people participated in the Civil War! Will pass this info on to the rest of the family. Give my best to yours! Steven Woo

Date: 6/14/00 7:39:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time
G'day Gents ! Thompson, Jno took a year on 27 Apr 63 at nyc. as an officers steward. B China 29 hz,bk,dk 5'1/2". He was in Commodore Jones 1/6/63. John Harvey aka Jno Harry was in Commodore Morris. He signed as a Lm {Landsman} 25/6/64 in nyc. 30 b. China a cook,bk,bk,dk 7". Shin Jno A also shown on musters as Shun and Ahshun. We found a medical card for Ahfoo, Jno. He was treated for vd and released as "well". Keep well, Uncle Ed (Edward S Milligan)

Date: 6/14/00 12:48:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi Gordon: Nice to hear from you. I've been pretty busy. The interviews will have to be done in Washington DC since most of the filming will take place there including recreations at Gettysburg etc. I think it is important to have your presence in the film as a Chinese American authority. My very best, Monty

Date: 6/12/00 11:18:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Gordonkwok@aol.com, A small comment to an important article: The proper spelling of the Japanese place name is "Shimonoseki" ("shimo-no-seki" is 'lower part of a dam'?). Thanks for the good work. Carl Masthay, St. Louis

Date: 6/11/00 7:22:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Gordon: This morning I was reviewing the ACWRTA website in Australia and found a link to your impressive work on Chinese in the Civil War. I am working on a new book which will examine the reactions of immigrants and foreign visitors to major issues of the Civil War period (secession, slavery, emancipation, and the presidential elections of l860 and l864) and the reasons many of them enlisted in the Union or Confederate armies. So far my focus has been on European immigrants, but I am now wondering whether there might be enough information on Australians, Chinese, and others to allow the expansion of my theme to include immigrants and visitors from all countries. I wonder if you know of any documents -- letter, diaries, newspaper clippings, memoirs, or whatever -- that show how Chinese participants in the Civil War felt about major CW issues and/or their reasons for their enlistment. If I could get enough material, I might have a chapter or Appendix on participants from Asia even if the book is mainly focused on Europeans. One of my sons married a girl from Shanghai and I have two lovely Chinese-American twin grandaughters, so I would have a special interest in describing the Chinese role in the CW if I could find some good quotes from Chinese participants. The new book will be a companion volume to my recently published book on the international dimensions of the Civil War, One War at a Time. Author interviews are on two websites:
Abraham Lincoln Online -- http://www.netins.net/showcase/creative/lincoln/books/mahin.htm
and Civil War Book News -- http://www.cw-book-news.com/q-a/mahin-qa.html.
Your advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Dean B. Mahin

Webmaster and author, Gordon Kwok

June 1, 2000

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