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Reader's comment

Subj: Project-- Chinese American Veterans
Date: 10/18/2003 8:13:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Linda Chau 
To: gordonkwok@aol.com
Dear Mr. Gordon Kwok:
My name is Linda Chau and I am a student at UC Berkeley.
I am currently working on a website project for the Cathay Post # 384 in San Francisco affiliated with the National Organization the-- American Legion. This post honors all the Chinese Americans who fought in the all American wars. This site will contain up coming events, members and links to other sites, and a significant part of this website will be dedicated to the history of Chinese American Veterans. It is evident members of the community and the youth are unaware of the role Chinese Americans have played in forming America's history. This site will also recognize that America belongs to the Chinese Americans too, all the way back to the Civil War.
While doing research about their history and I was very happy to have crossed this site through PBS's documentary of "Becoming American: Chinese Americans" because while doing my research, I have found little to nothing information about these Veterans. I hope you will be able to contribute. It seems that you have done extensive research and your contribution would be fantastic. Good well done.
The goals of this project are:
1. Create awareness for Chinese American Veteran's role in US History
2. Link the other 15 Cathay Posts (throughout the US) together
3. Unite the youth and community to the Veterans
You can help by:
1. Endorsing this website (which is registered as: http://www.chineseamericanveterans.org/) when it is complete.
2. Becoming involved in the creation of the site by providing information
We are in the preliminary stages of the project and we will have a web design within a month. For now we are collecting suggestions and ideas the site should cover. After it is all done we will be contacting all the media sources to cover this website.
Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely, Linda Chau
Website Project Director
Cathay Post #384
2601 Warring St.
Berkeley, CA 94720
cell: 619.246.6533
University of California, Berkeley

(Webmaster's reply:)
Hi Linda, when your new web site is completed, I'll be happy to link your website in my website.
Bill Moyer's group {PBS's documentary of "Becoming American: Chinese Americans"} had contacted me and used 2 pictures from my site in their documentary. My site had more detail info. Good luck to your project. Gordon Kwok

Subj: Re: Project-- Chinese American Veterans
Date: 10/22/2003 5:22:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Linda Chau 
Dear Mr. Kwok, Thank you for reply. This project for Chinese American Veterans will instrumential in creating awareness to the larger community. Once this project is complete, I hope to see that there is a grand opening with media for this site and memorial service along with it.
Could you be of some help to the creation to the website? The history aspect of Chinese American Veterans? Many thanks. Cathay Post #384
To: gordonkwok@aol.com

[Webmaster's reply:
Hi Ms. Chau, Thanks for writing. The focus of my hobby is limited only to the American Civil War period. I have a friend, Monty Hom, who did a documentry film on Chinese serving in WWII. He could help you on the period. I know one serving in the US-native American war, around 1870+. One Asian (Filipino native) in 1812 War near New Orleans, Louisiana (serving in the year 1814). Name unknown. A few in Spanish-American war, serving in the Navy, at the turn of the 20th century. (I don't have any primary documentary proof, just some info. from some publications.) There might be some serving in WWI, which I have no knowledge of. Regards, Gordon Kwok.]

Subj: Hello Mr Gordon Kwok, May I Please Help You Research and Promote "Asian Confederate Soldiers History"?
Date: 10/1/2003 8:03:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Peyton Cottrell II 
To: gordonkwok@aol.com  
Dear Mr. Gordon Kwok;
I have been very busy promoting I.R.M.A.(Interracial Ministries Association)for four days, because I am a big multicultural liberal and a peaceful and strong supporter for interracial and multicultural unity, love, and peace. I do want to help you preserve the "19th Century and modern Asian Confederate Culture and History", so how may I help you preserve your very beautiful Asian Confederate Heritage, please sir?
I do have very exciting news, sir, the "Confederados"(Brazilian Portuguese name for those mostly interracially mixed Confederate descendants)do unite annually on April 13th for their "Festa Confederada"(English translation: Confederate Party)at their ancestors "Cemetery De Campo"(Confederate Cemetery, thats located near the Brazilian city of Santa Barbara D 'Oeste, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brasil), and there are four cultures that are respectfully celebrated at this Confederados historical event such as, "United States, Brazilian, African, and Confederate", in complete interracial unity, love and peace for all of the nationalities.
The Brazilian Sons of Confederate Veterans(www.scv.org/camp1653)does have a Confederados entertainment department thats directed by Mr. Francisco Vieira Daniel(Confederate descendant in Brasil)and you may contact him at: angelakito@uol.com.br because he does sell one Confederados documentary that does show Asians participating in the "Festa Confederada", Mr. Gordon Kwok! www.mablanentertainment.com also sells Confederados documentaries as well that's called, The Confederate Flag Still Flies in the "South". Mr. Gordon Kwok, I have really enjoyed typing this e-mail letter for you sir, and if you do know of anything that I can do to possibly help you preserve and promote the "Asian Confederate Culture and Heritage", please tell me about your ideas, and we shall work together to promote the "Asian Confederate Culture" with you, please sir?
Your I.R.M.A., Director of Dept. # 1, Peyton Cottrell II.

Subj: war
Date: 9/28/2003 7:11:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Mel Brown
To: gordonkwok@aol.com
Dear Mr. Kwok: Greetings from central Texas. I was very pleased today to discover your website on Chinese in the Civil War. I'm completing a manuscript on the Chinese in Texas and this is a welcome little bit of history. I'll include it in my chapter on the military service of Chinese Americans and want to thank you for posting the info. My book will be published next year by Texas A&M University Press and will tell the story of how they got here and did well especially in San Antonio, my home town. As time allows, I will try to learn more about Charles Chon if possible. Yorktown is just down the road from my home in Austin and may have more data on him in the courthouse there. All the best from here and adios for now. Mel Brown
ps; my great-great grandfather served with the 31st Mississippi Infantry Regiment @ Siege of Vicksberg, 1863.

Subj: Chinese serving in the Civil War
Date: 10/26/2003 12:57:07 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jing Lin
To: gordonkwok@aol.com
Dear Mr. Gordon Kwok:
I am a reporter with a Chinese ethnic newspaper located in New York City. I am currently working on an article on the Chinese serving in the American Civil War and was delighted to discover your website. My co-worker told me about it while he was searching on the Internet for relevant materials on the subject.
Your wonderful website not only offers touching stories of the Chinese who fought in the war, but also includes the efforts made by researchers like you to discover the buried stories of the Chinese soldiers. After reading some materials on your website I decided to add a section to my article to give credit to the researchers, since their work has shed light on what had otherwise been little known.
Before I found your website, the materials I collected on the Chinese serving in the Civil War primarily come from Dr. Qingsong Zhang’s book Chinese Exclusion USA, written in Chinese, which you mention on your website. Now I am glad that I could enrich my article by drawing upon the wonderful detailed materials you offer.
My article would be about 4000-word long, written in Chinese. It is to be published in our newspaper, The China Press or Qiao Bao in Chinese. The article would draw upon primary research on the Chinese in the Civil War, to which I would give proper credit. The purpose of writing this article is to let people know that the Chinese did participate in the Civil War and made contribution to the United States, and therefore we deserve equal rights as other immigrants.
When I was reading through your website, I was impressed by your research and your passion, which becomes power as conveyed through words. I am interested in what has encouraged you to spend so much effort and time in discovering history. I believe you have stories to tell and wish I could include your stories in my article if that is fine with you.
I would also like to ask for your consent to publish a few pictures of the Chinese soldiers posed on your website---the pictures of Woo Hong Noek, Joseph J. Pierce, Edward Day Cohota and Antonio Dardelle.
I would very appreciate it if you could reply to me as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely,
Jing Lin
The China Press (Qiao Bao)

Webmaster: Gordon Kwok
email address: gordoncwrt@gmail.com
October 24, 2003

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