“My counselling was life-changing. I felt supported, listened to and cared for. The most necessary thing I have ever done. It was tough but I felt in control of the process. Now I feel able to protect myself, I understand where these issues have come from and have forgiven myself for my reactions and let go of past problems.”

“I found Accord Counselling friendly and understanding, a quiet place to go over my current problems and help me move beyond them. I gained new perspectives and for the first time in years I was able to get back to enjoying life and the things that matter.”

"I would highly recommend Accord Counselling to anyone who is looking to explore issues in a professional, caring and calm environment with a lovely team of counsellors. I was gently encouraged to address areas that have caused me concern for a long time and have been able to move forward in my life now with the solutions that I was able to identify with the help and guidance of my counsellor, who I will always value and remember. I would not hesitate to return if I needed to in the future."

"Accord Counselling Cardiff is a safe place in the heart of Canton. I contacted at a very low time in my life. I was feeling alone and depressed and unable to see a way out of my unhappy family situation. During my 6 counselling sessions I learnt to trust and open up to my counsellor about all aspects of my life and with her skills and compassionate help I have now gained the courage and confidence to face all challenges in my life. Thank you Accord Counselling - you have saved my life."

"A very professional and friendly counselling service. Helped get me on the right path again after a very low period in my life for which I am very grateful. One of the best choices I have ever made and would highly recommend this service to anyone needing counselling."

“It was as if my brain was asleep and having counselling woke it up!
I feel I know and understand myself better now and I have more confidence and self-belief”     

“I am now aware of options where there were previously closed doors.
I have more chance of achieving what I want to achieve since having counselling”     

“I couldn’t see the wood for the trees until I started talking about what was in my head. I was very tangled up and confused. Now, I feel much clearer, more sorted out and I know what to do to stop getting into such a mess again”      

“I felt really safe with my counsellor. Safe and understood. It made a huge difference to me, having counselling. I learned different ways of coping and I view myself differently now. I’m nicer to myself. My family say I’m much easier to live with!”