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grand hotel metropole
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  • Grand Hotel is an album by Procol Harum, released in 1973.
  • The Grand Hotel, at 9 Princes Street, was the leading hotel of Auckland, New Zealand, from 1889 until 1966. With its vaulted ceilings, ornate mantlepieces, red carpet and marble statuary, the Grand Hotel was a plush and social rendezvous from its opening.
  • The Grand Hotel is a Victorian hotel in Brighton on the south coast of England. It is located on Kings Road, the main carriageway along the seafront; one of several major hotels along this road.
  • The metropole, from the Greek Metropolis 'mother city' (polis being a city state, hence also used for any colonizing 'mother country'; in ecclesiastical languages an archbishopric having precedence over the suffragans in its ecclesiastical province) was the name given to the British metropolitan
  • The parent state of a colony
  • A metropolis; the main city of a country or area; The parent-state of a colony; A bishop's see
  • Metropolis, because it was the centre of a colonial empire.
grand hotel metropole - Metropole
“A Central European classic to be discovered and relished.”—Eva Hoffman
“A stunning novel. Funny, nightmarish and jubilant.”—Liberation
"Although it took almost 40 years for Metropole to be translated into English, the book holds up well. In the same way that Kafka becomes relevant again every time you renew your driver's license, Karinthy captures that enduring, horrifying and exhilarating state of being at the mercy of an unfamiliar land."—Jessa Crispin for NPR
“I don’t know when I’ve read a more perfect novel-a dynamically helpless hero (in the line of Kafka), and a gorgeous spiral of action, nothing spare, nothing wrong, inventive and without artifice.”—Michael Hoffman in TLS Books of the Year 2009
Budai finds himself in a strange city where he can’t understand a word anyone says. One claustrophobic day blurs into another as he desperately struggles to survive in this vastly overpopulated metropolis where there are as many languages as there are people.
Metropole is a suspenseful and haunting Hungarian classic, and a vision of hell unlike any previously imagined.
Ferenc Karinthy was born in Budapest in 1921. He was a translator and editor, as well as an award-winning novelist, playwright, and journalist.

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Brighton Grand
Brighton Grand
The Grand Hotel has - along with the Metropole - been one of Brighton's leading hotels for the many years. It plays host to Prime Ministerial stays during political party conferences and was the scene of a famous IRA bomb attack in 1984 which removed a goodly amount of the hotel's frontage and nearly took Mrs Thatcher with it. Because of it's iced cake appearance it's always had a slight edge on it's rival but recent reports tend to suggest that this particular Grande Dame isn't looking as sprightly as she used to be. People have certainly had excellent stays but some others report a fall from grace and a slow decline from chic to ever so slightly shabby. Luxury is obviously still to be had here but perhaps it needs to try a tad harder in certain departments?
Grand Metropole Hotel in Blackpool
Grand Metropole Hotel in Blackpool
The Grand Metropole Hotel the only hotel in Blackpool which is located between the sea and the promenade, offering uninterrupted views out across the Irish Sea.

grand hotel metropole
grand hotel metropole
Metropole (New California Poetry)
Geoffrey G. O'Brien's third collection opens with a set of lyric experiments whose music and mutable syntax explore the social relations concealed in material things. O'Brien's poems measure the "vague cadence" of daily life, testing both the value and limits of art in a time of vanishing publics and permanent war. The long title poem, written in a strict iambic prose, charts the disappearance of the poetic into the prosaic, of meter into the mundane, while reactivating the very possibilities it mourns: O'Brien's prosody invests the prose of things with the intensities of verse. In the charged space of this hybrid form, objects become subjects and sense pivots mid-sentence into song: "The sun revolves around the earth revolves around the sun."