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Golden Tulip Ambra Palace Hotel Rome

golden tulip ambra palace hotel rome
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  • Golden Tulip Hospitality Group is a hotel company with its head office in Amersfoort, Netherlands.
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  • Palace Hotel is a registered historic building in Cincinnati, Ohio, listed in the National Register on March 3, 1980. It is currently known as the "Cincinnatian Hotel".
  • Ambra is a village in Kareda Parish, Jarva County in northern-central Estonia.
  • (roman) relating to or characteristic of people of Rome; "Roman virtues"; "his Roman bearing in adversity"; "a Roman nose"
  • The capital of Italy, situated in the west central part of the country, on the Tiber River, about 16 miles (25 km) inland; pop. 2,791,000. According to tradition, the ancient city was founded by Romulus (after whom it is named) in 753 bc on the Palatine Hill; as it grew it spread to the other six hills of Rome (Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, and Quirinal). Rome was made capital of a unified Italy in 1871
  • capital and largest city of Italy; on the Tiber; seat of the Roman Catholic Church; formerly the capital of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire
  • the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Used allusively to refer to the Roman Catholic Church
  • An industrial city in northwestern Georgia, on the Coosa River; pop. 34,980
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The Golden Tulip: A Novel
The Golden Tulip: A Novel
Francesca’s father is a well-known painter in the bustling port city of Amsterdam; he is also a gambler. Though their household is in economic chaos, thankfully the lessons she learned in his studio have prepared her to study with Johannes Vermeer, the master of Delft.

When she arrives to begin her apprenticeship, Francesca is stunned to find rules, written in her father’s hand, insisting that she give up the freedoms she once enjoyed at home- including her friendship with Pieter van Doorne, a tulip merchant. Unaware of a terrible bargain her father has made against her future, Francesca pursues her growing affection for Pieter even as she learns to paint like Vermeer, in layers of light. As her talent blooms, “tulip mania” sweeps the land, and fortunes are being made on a single bulb. What seems like a boon for Pieter instead reveals the extent of the betrayal of Francesca’s father. And as the two learn the true nature of the obstacles in their path, a patron of Francesca’s father determines to do anything in his power to ensure she stays within the limits that have been set for her.

The Golden Tulip brings one of the most exciting periods of Dutch history alive, creating a page-turning novel that is as vivid and unforgettable as a Vermeer painting.

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Golden Tulip penetrates Thai hospitality market with Phuket resort and spa management deal
Golden Tulip penetrates Thai hospitality market with Phuket resort and spa management deal
Phuket, Thailand – December 6, 2009: As part of its aggressive expansion into Asia, The Netherlands-based Golden Tulip Hospitality Group has penetrated into the Thai market by officially signing a management agreement with The Mangosteen Resort & Spa in Phuket today. The boutique resort located in Rawai, Phuket will be renamed ‘Golden Tulip Mangosteen Resort and Spa’ as of February 1, 2010, and will be positioned as an Ayurveeda destination for avid health and leisure seekers. “As a significant tourist destination for Thailand, Phuket is rapidly becoming the preferred leisure destination for overseas travelers, especially from Europe and the Middle East. We are, therefore, delighted that our first footprint in the Thai hospitality market is in Phuket. We hope to re-position The Mangosteen as a unique Ayurveeda destination, offering very special Ayurveeda treatments to our guests for ultimate relaxation”, revealed Mark van Ogtrop, Managing Director of Golden Tulip South East Asia. The Mangosteen Resort & Spa, dubbed as “Phuket’s most romantic luxury boutique resort”, is named after a delicious seasonal fruit available only in Asia; especially abundant in Thailand. The resort’s villa-style accommodation, built on a private hillside, overlooks stunning views of Chalong Bay. The resort has been in operation for 5 years, and its facilities include an extra large pool, an exclusive Spa, The Mangosteen Restaurant with its underground Wine Cellar, a high-tech equipped meeting room for 60 people and a panoramic Lounge Bar. Mr. Hajo von Keller, Managing Director of The Mangosteen Resort & Spa, commented, “In selecting Golden Tulip to manage our resort, we are confident that the resort will be taken to the next level of being internationally recognized and promoted. We will also be able to take advantage of Golden Tulip’s extensive expertise and customer base to further attract guests from Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Africa as well as within the Asia-Pacific region.” Apart from upcoming commitments in Bangkok and Pattaya, the Golden Tulip plans to operate a second resort in Phuket in the very near future.
Phuket, Golden Tulip Mangosteen Boutique Resort and Ayurveda Spa
Phuket, Golden Tulip Mangosteen Boutique Resort and Ayurveda Spa
Phuket, Golden Tulip Mangosteen Boutique Resort and Ayurveda Spa - a guest review from Tripadvisor, January 2011: As soon as we arrived the staff were very accommodating serving us welcome drinks and showing us to our room while touring us around the grounds. The swimming pool is large and a great shape for kids to explore and adults to relax. Our room is extremely spacious with a bathroom which is half indoors (shower & toilet) and half outdoors (the jacuzzi). I wish we could stay here longer, one night is definitely not enough to experience all there is to offer. the views are amazing and it's very quite and peacefully. Although it's not right on the beach, the hotel offers a free bus every hour to Rawai beach until 6 pm and to restaurants for dinner. An absolutely amazing end to our holiday in Phuket and next time we come back we'll definitely be staying at this hotel again but hopefully for a lot longer.

golden tulip ambra palace hotel rome
golden tulip ambra palace hotel rome
The Golden Tulip
Anthea Fanshawe is an agent for Onyx, a government organization that maps and monitors interdimensional portals and the activity of outworlders—vampires, angels, lycanthropes, zombies, nephilim, demons, and all the non-human nasties who contribute to the life of any great city. She’s convinced herself that a woman in her line of work can’t afford to fall in love or ever have a family, so she has a pretty checkered past on the club circuit. While battling a bad decision that led to a one-night-stand with her partner, she’s called in to investigate a crime of ritualistic decapitation. On the case, she meets a sentinel agent, and feelings begin to arise in her, the kind of feelings she’s told herself she cannot afford to explore. Scrambling to catch her killer before another woman is killed, negotiating with angels, battling zombies, and outwitting deadly vampires, Anthea realizes that loving another human being can sometimes be the most terrifying and illuminating mystery of all.