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loews hotel le concorde
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  • (Loews Hotels) Headquartered in New York City, Loews Hotels owns and/or operates 17 hotels and resorts in the U.S. and Canada. Loews Hotels is a wholly owned subsidiary of Loews Corporation; Jonathan Tisch is the CEO.
  • The Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde is a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner, a supersonic transport (SST). It was a product of an Anglo-French government treaty, combining the manufacturing efforts of Aerospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation.
  • The Concorde TSP Solver is a program for solving the traveling salesman problem. It was written by David Applegate, Robert E. Bixby, Vasek Chvatal, and William J. Cook, in ANSI C, and is freely available for academic use.
  • Concorde is an album by The Modern Jazz Quartet. First released in 1955 as an LP. Recorded in New York, New York on July 2, 1955. Originally released on Prestige (7005). Includes liner notes by Ira Gitler. The album was reissued in 2008 as part of the Rudy Van Gelder Remasters collection.
  • A supersonic airliner able to cruise at twice the speed of sound. Produced through Anglo-French cooperation, it made its maiden flight in 1969 and its last in 2003
  • In computer science a relational operator is a programming language construct or operator that tests some kind of relation between two entities. These include numerical equality (e.g., 5 = 5) and inequalities (e.g., 4 ? 3).
  • Language engineering
  • lupus erythematosus: a chronic inflammatory collagen disease affecting connective tissue (skin or joints)
  • Sol Diese or G# (G sharp) is the ninth semitone of the solfege.
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Chocolates on the Pillow Aren't Enough: Reinventing The Customer Experience
Chocolates on the Pillow Aren't Enough: Reinventing The Customer Experience
Praise for Chocolates on the Pillow Aren't Enough
"Jonathan recognizes that in today's Internet-fed, savvy-consumer world, it is the people-to-people connections, regardless of price point, that differentiate a customer's experience. Gimmicks come and go, but without sincere and caring people delivering the overall experience, from start to finish, well, it's true--chocolates on the pillow are not enough. A great read!"
—David Neeleman, founder and CEO, JetBlue Airways Corporation
"If you don't work for your customer, you're not doing your job. Who better to turn to for lessons in great customer experiences than Jonathan Tisch? He has long been one of the most respected leaders in travel and hospitality, and when it comes to treating all customers like guests, to put it simply, he gets it. And then some."
—Millard S. Drexler, Chairman and CEO, J. Crew Group
"What brings customers back to my restaurants? Why do viewers watch my TV show? It's more than Bam! It's delivering a kicked-up customer experience. Tisch is the guy who knows how to do this best. His book gives the inside scoop on how to excite your customers and bring 'em back for more."
—Emeril Lagasse
"Attention to detail, passion, and dedication are a few of the things that made me successful as an athlete. Jonathan knows that by doing the same in business, you maximize the customer's experience and outscore the competition."
—Tiki Barber

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Here you see the Hotel Loews Le Concorde in Quebec, with its famous rotating restaurant "L'astral". This photo was taken during the earth hour, March 28 2009. If the clouds have this look it's simply because they moved fast and the camera exposure's was set at 60 seconds. It is ironic to appreciate the red clouds (I do) as we realize that light pollution is a real problem of our cities. If you browse my flickr, you will notice that I would prefer to see many stars here, instead of a red sky without stars (as an amateur astronomer). Even if the red clouds are beautiful... About the earth hour : "Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off lights for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday March 28 and sending a powerful global message that we care enough about climate change to take action."
Championnat canadien Élite 2011 de boxe
Championnat canadien Élite 2011 de boxe
I did go to the canadian championnship today with my 2 young kids at the Hotel Loews le Concorde, Quebec. I was just a tourist, not working ;-), i did see in the papers early this morning that the event was finishing today..the kids(4 and 6) agree to come see the future canadian olympic athletes.. These people take it very seriously, and we need to give them lot of respect for their hard work.. I was not too far, so i took some images with my 70-200mm (small crop) i'm sorry i dont' know the name of the stars here.. all i know is that the boxer in the red corner did win the gold medal and he is from Quebec.. I will update the information as soon as i know it.. The girl did go for it also, the girll from Quebec finish second, in the blue corner, she deserved a silver medal. Big bravo to all the participants!

loews hotel le concorde
loews hotel le concorde
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The Loews Philadelphia Hotel, also known as the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society Building, or PSFS Building, is a skyscraper in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. A National Historic Landmark, the Loews Philadelphia was the first International style skyscraper built in the United States. The building was built for the Philadelphia Saving (later Savings) Fund Society in 1932 and was designed by architects William Lescaze and George Howe. The skyscraper's design was a departure from traditional bank and Philadelphia architecture, lacking features such as domes and ornamentation.