Indigo Hotel Group

indigo hotel group
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indigo hotel group - Indigo: In
Indigo: In Search of the Color That Seduced the World
Indigo: In Search of the Color That Seduced the World
For almost five millennia, in every culture and in every major religion, indigo-a blue pigment obtained from the small green leaf of a parasitic shrub through a complex process that even scientists still regard as mysterious-has been at the center of turbulent human encounters.

Indigo is the story of this precious dye and its ancient heritage: its relationship to slavery as the "hidden half" of the transatlantic slave trade, its profound influence on fashion, and its spiritual significance, which is little recognized but no less alive today. It is an untold story, brimming with rich, electrifying tales of those who shaped the course of colonial history and a world economy.

But Indigo is also the story of a personal quest: Catherine McKinley is the descendant of a clan of Scots who wore indigo tartan as their virile armor; the kin of several generations of Jewish "rag traders"; the maternal granddaughter of a Massachusetts textile factory owner; and the paternal granddaughter of African slaves-her ancestors were traded along the same Saharan routes as indigo, where a length of blue cotton could purchase human life. McKinley's journey in search of beauty and her own history ultimately leads her to a new and satisfying path, to finally "taste life." With its four-color photo insert and sumptuous design, Indigo will be as irresistible to look at as it is to read.

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The CEO Panel
The CEO Panel
Left to Right: Janis Cannon, Vice President, IHG, Hotel Indigo; Raul Leal, President, Desires Hotels; Michael Depatie, CEO, Kimpton Hotels; Michelle Finn, Vice President, Hospitality Design Group, Neilsen Business Media; Jim Chu, Sr. Vice President, Hyatt Place; Frances Kiradjian, BLLA Founder & Chair; and John Russell, CEO, NYLO Hotels
Hotel Indigo St. Louis Central West End suite
Hotel Indigo St. Louis Central West End suite
The Hotel Indigo St. Louis Central West End opened in late June, following a $10 million renovation by the owner, Roberts Hotels Group, of the historic Bel Air West Motel, which first opened in 1958 as the city’s first motel.

indigo hotel group
indigo hotel group
100 Grams Bag of Natural Indigo Powder (wasma in Arabic and Urdu) Indigofera Tinctoria New Crop
Indigo powder is combined with Henna to create different shades of brown to black when dyeing your hair . For external use only. Product of India WARNING ABOUT HENNA and INDIGO POWDER Pure Henna and Indigo powder is SAFE. Pure henna and Indigo have been in use for thousands of years. It's one of the safest things you can put on your skin, and reactions are very unusual. Henna ONLY stains a color in the range of orange, red, brown, cinnamon, brick, chocolate or coffee and Indigo stains a color in black or blue If you've never used henna or indigo before, you may want to do a skin test to be sure you're not allergic. The allergy is called a "napthoquinone sensitivity". If you put henna or indigo on your skin, and in 1 hour have itching, a tight chest, or wheezing, you have a napthoquinone sensitivity and you should not ever use henna or indigo