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How To Make Hotel Bed

how to make hotel bed
    hotel bed
  • (Hotel bedding) Bedding refers to the materials laid above the mattress of a bed for warmth and decorative effect. Bedding does not include the mattress, box spring or bed frame. Down materials are often used for warmth in bedding.
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Start and Run a Bed and Breakfast: All You Need to Know to Make Money from Your Dream Property (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
Start and Run a Bed and Breakfast: All You Need to Know to Make Money from Your Dream Property (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
Whether you are thinking about running a B&B or have already made the decision and are ready to start planning your business, this book will tell you all you need to know. If you are already established with a B & B, it will help you provide quality accommodation and maximize your earnings and occupancy rates. Their book will help you in: - Planning and preparing your business, including defining your market, budgeting, pricing, regulation and compliance, accounting and taxation. - Deciding what to offer - in guest bedrooms and for meals and drinks. - Dealing with practicalities, such as managing reservations and keeping records, taking payments, maintaining safety and security. - Marketing your B&B - setting your strategy, networking and making local contacts, advertising and PR, creating your own website. - Expanding your business and ultimately selling it. Also included is direction to a dedicated website to support you as you build your successful B&B business. This second edition has been completely and thoroughly revised and updated to include, amongst other new material, important changes in the area of regulation.

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49 / 52
49 / 52
Anniversary Hello folks. Late 52 this week (or should I say last week) but it was taken on time so thats all that counts. Many things happened I am sure this week but all have pailled into insignificance against the lovely weekend that Morse_Mondays and I had, more specifically Saturday. Oh, before I start - the boy can walk now. just like that. He must have been pretending not to frankly and then suddenly he found himself on the wrong side of the sofa so strolled over to get something. Sneaky beaky! Anyways, Saturday was the 6th December and that is the day 15 years ago when Morse and I got together. We were playing a gig a Dudley JB's (with DF et al) in 1993 on the day that Frank Zappa died and Morse was in the audience and since then we have gon on to make so many happy memories and some noisy ones too! So, it just so happened that some friends of ours are in this band called Ned's atomic Dustbin and Morse knows their partners and partners babies too. They were playing a gig down at the Astoria in London on the 6th December so we thought it would be a great idea to go to the gig to support them and also have our anniversary in London. Lets not talk about the 2.5 hr train journey we had to do STOOD UP! only 2 hours in we managed to find a piece of floor to sit on. No seriously. We booked a hotel off Oxford street within spitting distance of the gig and the aftershow party and bedded in (randomly bumping into band members and parters all afternoon - weird innit London is so big and we met 4 people from our hometown in 30 minutes!) So this is us in All Bar One (New Oxford Street) settling into an afternoon of Champagne and Sancerre drinking before retiring to freshen up, going to watch a great gig, going to the after show party and chatting to John, Alex, Helga and Claire (and others), necking Sambuca, Texting DF to tell him how great it was and then midnight chips (fries) on the walk home to the pub for sleeps. The next morning, met some of the team in the foyer but went different ways electing to go to starbucks for early coffee before meeting our top friends and the only people we know in London Tom and KT who preceded to take us to a great little food shop for coffee and stuff and then a lovely walk to Marylebone station where we caught the early train home. Missing the boy it was great to get home as this was the 1st time we had spend a day and night together away from him. He was fine. He always it. Nice and happy. Had a really refreshing weekend in refreshing winter weather. Hope you had a good one too peoples :-)
boutique riad in marrakech
boutique riad in marrakech
My partner Nikki & I stayed four nights in late November. We had a great break, enjoyed the chaos of Marrakech immensly and more so thanks to Olivier and his team at Riad Dar Najat. If you book make sure you take up the offer of the transfer from the airport - while its only five minutes from the main market square you wouldn't want to find it on your own: with a taxi you'll arrive, as we did, exhillarated from the taxi ride and happy to find the sanctuary. The Riad is traditional Moroccan in style, friendly and very relaxing. Waking up in Marrakech hearing the bird song is lovely. After getting up you go to the roof terrace for the inclusive breakfast, served by the resident local staff who are always pleased to help. We found a real plus-point to be one of th services offered by the staff - they will walk you to the restaurant/hammam and make sure you dont get lost and even give you their number if you get lost on your way back. It really is only five or six minutes walk to the centre of everything and the souks. Lastly, the Riad's most valuable asset is its owner, Olivier, he made our stay so much better than those of people staying in perhaps 'more expensive' western hotels. He speaks very good English/French and made excellent recommendations for restaurants and hammams and activities. Nothing is too much trouble for him. In fact we did have a problem with a hammam we had foolishly sourced ourselves - he recommended the action we should take , made many phone calls and in the end we had an apology from the hammam and a full refund with some compensation. We were quite surprised by how cold Marrakech was in the evenings - coats were needed and our room had a radiator that worked. The only thing stopping me giving the Riad and 'excellent' report was the bed, it was a bit hard for our liking. It wouldn't stop me booking again! It youre looking for a good place to stay in Marrakech - this Riad is the one!

how to make hotel bed
how to make hotel bed
Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray, Twin Pack,  2-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
Rest Easy Bed Bug Spay is an All-Natural, Non-Pesticide, "GREEN" product with a unique blend of natural oils which kill and repel bed bugs, as well as other small insects. The 2 ounce pump spray is convenient and an approved size for airline travel. Rest Easy is not a pesticide or an insecticide--so it's safe to use around children and pets. The fresh scent is made with natural cinnamon oil will leave a pleasant aroma throughout the room. Just a few sprays around your bed, in your dresser drawers, and closets will kill and repel bed bugs for up to one full week. While traveling, be sure to spray around the bed and hotel room before unpacking. We also recommend spraying on clothes and in luggage when leaving any hotel or motel. In the home it is recommended that you spray once a week or when as needed.