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  • (v) izlеrgе, tabarga
  • provide breakfast for
  • Have this meal
  • the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)
  • eat an early morning meal; "We breakfast at seven"
search for bed and breakfast - Multi-Position Reading
Multi-Position Reading Stand for Kindle 2 (2nd Gen 6") E-Reader [Kradle SQ :: KA-222G in Graphite]
Multi-Position Reading Stand for Kindle 2 (2nd Gen 6") E-Reader [Kradle SQ :: KA-222G in Graphite]
Hold your Kindle at "15 degrees from vertical", "15 degrees from flat" or at 45 degrees (using the Kindle Cover) to adjust for different lighting conditions or to your reading posture. Keep your Kindle and Cover safely above accidental spills when reading while eating. Feather-light at just 4 ounces, the one-piece design is made of resilient ABS plastic. You choose between provided felt and rubber pads so your reading stand either easily slides on table surfaces (use the felt pads) or stays put (use the rubber pads). A cord slot in the "15 degrees from flat" position allows you to charge your Kindle while in the stand. Eat while you read hands-free in the kitchen, at the cafe or during your lunch break at work or relaxing on the sofa. The low-profile stand is less than 1 inch high, shorter and narrower than your Kindle, making it highly-portable. Handsomely displaying your Kindle when not in use also makes it easy to find. When reading for long periods of time, vary your handgrip by holding the Kindle in the reading stand with your fingers in the finger slot on the underside of the stand. Kindle's speakers perform best by reflecting sound when placed on a table surface. Kradle SQ similarly and effectively reflects the sound from its reflective surfaces and slots in both the "15 degrees from vertical" and "15 degrees from flat" positions.

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Searching for Astrocupcakes
Searching for Astrocupcakes
It's a known fact that astronauts are always thinking about cupcakes. In fact, several of the complicated sensor devices that are sent to space are created with the sole purpose of finding cupcakes. Searching for Astrocupcakes is an original acrylic painting with very thick paint textures. It comes framed and ready to hang on the wall as soon as you get it. Painting is 8"x10" Black frame with hanging materials All archival materials
Searching for the bookworm
Searching for the bookworm
I have been feeding the bluebirds for some weeks now and the male has been especially bold in coming in for mealworm treats. I was hoping to get a photo shot of the bluebird with my grandchildren in the picture, but the kids wouldn't sit still long enough for the bluebird to feel comfortable. He did, however, give me a chance to take this photo of him on the Curious George book. What a grand fellow he is!!!!

search for bed and breakfast
search for bed and breakfast
Felicia's Journey
A moving and chilling portrait of a serial killer who befriends innocent young women in need only to turn them into his victims. Felicia is the latest of his prospects to fall into the grasp of his deceptive charm. Special features: commentary with director atom egoyan theatrical trailer and much more. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 05/22/2007 Starring: Bob Hoskins Elaine Cassidy Run time: 111 minutes Rating: Pg13 Director: Atom Egoyan

Like Hitchcock, Atom Egoyan envisions family life as a potential hotbed of literal or figurative violence and incest. In Felicia's Journey, Egoyan's adaptation of William Trevor's shattering novel, one dreads to imagine what TV-cook mom (Arsinee Khanjian) did to so damage her pudgy son that grown- up Hilditch (Bob Hoskins) still prepares meals in perfect unison with faded videotapes of her show--and, as we eventually discover, often takes more sinister trips down Memory Lane. Distant kin to Psycho's Tony Perkins, Hoskins's troll is so obsessive, so traumatized, his every short-armed, fat-handed gesture and sing-song utterance is precisely calculated to keep reality safely buried.
Egoyan's movies often seem located underwater, in some surreal dreamscape where one's breath is perpetually suspended while a slow horror seeps ever deeper under the skin. Helpless, transfixed, one watches as his characters drive inexorably toward mined intersections where lives and souls may be lost or redeemed. When Hilditch's path crosses, diverges from, and finally coincides with that of young, pregnant Felicia (Elaine Cassidy)--an Irish innocent searching for her errant boyfriend--it leads to terrible epiphany for these fellow travelers. Trouble is, creepy Hilditch and too-naive Felicia come up a bit short in the psychological complexity department, so by film's end, revelatory payoffs are mostly penny ante. Felica's Journey tours familiar Egoyan territory--an industrialized wasteland full of hungry hearts--but this latest fairy tale (think perverse variations on Hansel and Gretel) isn't in the same league with such "family values" masterpieces as Exotica or The Sweet Hereafter. --Kathleen Murphy