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swan hotel epcot
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  • The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) was a concept developed by Walt Disney near the end of his lifetime.
  • Epcot is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort, located near Orlando, Florida. The park is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation. The second park built at the resort, it opened on October 1, 1982 and was named EPCOT Center until 1994.
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swan hotel epcot - The Epcot
The Epcot Explorer's Encyclopedia: A guide to the flora, fauna, and fun of the world's greatest theme park!
The Epcot Explorer's Encyclopedia: A guide to the flora, fauna, and fun of the world's greatest theme park!
The Epcot Explorer's Encyclopedia serves as a loving tell-all look into the most magical and magnificent theme park in existence. From the minutiae of Future World to the farthest reaches of World Showcase this guide covers it all in intimate detail. No stone is left unturned, and no legacy tile left unmocked. With a little bit of wit and a whole lot of heart you'll be led through the splendorific sprawl of the most endearing monument to humanity that has ever been created. Epcot truly is a wonder among wonders at the Walt Disney World resort.

Highlights include:

An extensive history of each pavilion and the forces that shaped its existence - or the end thereof.
Valuable insight into the inner-workings of the park, sponsor contracts, and attraction operations.
Answers to questions like "What makes Epcot tick?" and "Why do things happen the way they do?"
A scene-by-scene analysis of Horizons, quite possibly the most beloved attraction in the company's history and the whole Walt Disney World Resort.

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The Walt Disney World Swan
The Walt Disney World Swan
Designed by Michael Graves with Alan Lapidus (the son of Morris Lapidus, designer of the Fontainebleau), the Swan and Dolphin Resorts are located in the EPCOT resort area. The resort opened on January 13, 1990 are some the largest examples of whimsical architecture.
The EPCOT Area Resorts
The EPCOT Area Resorts
The EPCOT Resorts Area is located between EPCOT Center and Disney's Hollywood Studios and consists of the Yacht Club, the Beach Club, the BoardWalk, the Dophin and the Swan Resorts which are connected via pathways and waterways surrounding a Crescent Lake.

swan hotel epcot
swan hotel epcot
Building A Better Mouse: The Story Of The Electronic Imagineers Who Designed Epcot
On October 1, 1982, The Walt Disney Company opened its EPCOT Center to the world, heralding changes that would take the Disney property in Florida from a mere theme park to a world-class resort destination. Authors Steve Alcorn and David Green were there, as employees of Disney's WED Imagineering. "Building a Better Mouse" tells the tale of the "hundreds of mostly young, mostly bright and all embarrassingly idealistic people" who worked on Epcot, and gives a unique insider's perspective on what it was like to be in the trenches as a Disney Imagineer in the early 1980s, from pixie dusting - when new employees are indoctrinated into all things Disney - through the craziness of the engineering design process, right up until the last frantic dash to opening day. It is a breathtaking, breezy, E-ticket ride of a book, required reading for both hard-core Disneyphiles and people interested in the business side of themed entertainment.